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    I've never experienced the Satanite pulling loose from the wool. Now the weight of the mortar could pull the wool down so pinning the wool to the lid is advisable.
    My first lid used bolts tacked to the lid with washers and nuts. The second, larger one used screws tacked on and stainless wire woven to the outside.


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    To be clear, I'm not saying completely disregard any precautions.....just use some common sense. People latch on to this and act like they're going to get cancer if the touch ceramic wool with their bare hand.......which is silly.

    There was a fellow on YT that was cutting a bunch of IFB for a furnace build on his table saw indoors. He was suited up like he was on a hazmat team and commented a bunch of times about the need for PPE and safety. Then he vacuumed up all the fines. If you wanted to insure a high and long exposure that's a very good way do it because he coated every surface of his shop with those fines so they could repeatedly become airborne and breathed for days/weeks to come every time they were disturbed, not to mention there is probably no better way to get them airborne then a vacuum cleaner (save for compressed air), and don't think the HEPA filter fixes it..

    ....which would be an example of my generalization about providing some mechanical suuport.

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