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Discussion in 'Request casting service' started by HT1, Sep 11, 2018.

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    A fellow contacted Me wanting to know if I could cast a reproduction brass part for him for an antique Dive pump... claims to have a pattern, I would prefer not to do it because of work load, if any one is interested, message me some contact info so I can put the two of you in cantact

    I'm restoring a WWII Navy dive pump and there are brass caps that go on the outside of the pump case to protect the crankshaft in transit. I have the pattern already made I am just need it to be casted. it is approx. 7-1/2" at the base 2-1/4" dia at the top, and 3/16" thick. I attached a couple photos to show what it will look like. To save you time, I wouldn't ask for the product to be cleaned and machined, I can knock all that out.

    It seems relatively easy, But I'm swamped

    V/r HT1
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    Sounds like easy beer money for someone that screws with brass..

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