Sculpting waxes and clays

Discussion in 'link to various suppliers' started by DavidF, Feb 12, 2019.

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    That's where I get mine. They give excellent service at a fair price.

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    I've seen the victory brown cheaper other places, but have not run across the red like they have. I like the red wax for pouring into molds creating shells...
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    I find victory brown too gummy. I like the McCaughlin AB-150 (I think it is) that I get from Arizona.

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    if one of you guys might have or be able to point me to Some detail on the Tools I would be very interested, I work more and more in Wax, and oterh then Fillet Irons, my tools are whatever I have or make that will get the Job done, Some professional tools might improve My finished products

    Thanks in advance
    V/r HT1
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    2AB-150 is the ugly poop brown stuff I'm working. It's not gummy. 50bucks for an 11lb block.

    Tools? Whatever I can steal while in the chair at the dentist! Mostly metal clay tools work good for wax work. Look near the sculpy crap at the craft store. Fleamarkets also usually sell lots of picks, tiny paddles etc at the cheap chinese tool guy booths. Real dental tools are surprisingly pricey even on the used market.!76904!US!-1:rk:2:pf:1&frcectupt=true

    Ball tools are a must!

    Heat source.. Burn denatured alcohol.!76904!US!-1:rk:17:pf:0

    Disposable Soldiering iron. Dirt cheap.!76904!US!-1:rk:18:pf:0
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    Remet sells a lot of wax types for cheap.

    As for tools I'll find a list of the most useful tools. You don't need many for wax work just 4 or 5 different ones.
  8. Jason

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    That's very true.. I have tons of tools, but really only use these. That's baked sculpey clay on them to make them more comfortable to hold.

  9. Zapins

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    I use these 4 tools for 90% of my sculpting. I have a few paint spatulas for making things flat and my reptile heat lamp, heat gun and propane plumbers burner. That's it.

  10. Jason

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    Nice SHIV... make that in the joint did ya?:D
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    Yeah the one on the left. Made from 1/4" aluminum rod and a file and drill press. Then sand paper. It has a more blunted end on the other side.
  12. Jason

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    No ball tool? Have you tried them yet? They are amazing, I couldn't pull off half of what I do without them.
    It's hard to tell from my photo (covered in clay at the moment) , but look at the scoop. 2nd from the top. I call it the excavator. It doubles for relocating hot wax to where you want it. It's like yours without the point.
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    That's what the back of the prison shiv looks like. Not a ball exactly but more like a bullet shape. Blunt nose. Maybe indeed better pics lol. This was a screen shot from an old video I made.

    You don't use a thin pairing knife? I use it for 50% of the time I am shaping wax. Probably my most used tool.

    Royal Norfolk cutlery stainless steel pairing knife is what I use. The steel width of the blade is very thin which makes it good at cutting and shaping wax.
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  15. Zapins

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    Yeah but it has a sharp tip instead of rounded like the pairing knife and it's hard to slice the surface layer off objects more than an inch thick with the razor.

    If you send me your addy I'll post you one to try out of you like.
  16. Jason

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    Here's an example of more tools than you'd ever need. It's all up to your needs.

  17. Zapins

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    Yeah see now that's what I'd like to try out. A foot pedal controlled soldering iron with different tip options. That would be pretty handy for sprue work.

    All the other tools I have. Most of them I don't use at all. I have a fair bit more tooling than he does in his video, different things he didn't have. Most of it is specialty use, one off things that I never needed again or I got as part of a set and never really needed them.
  18. Jason

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    Zap we have that same waxer with the foot pedal in florida. It is worth every penny. It heats super fast!
  19. Hiho from down under,I'v found the wax on "baby bell" cheese balls sticks microcristoline wax to its self like runny baby poo to carpet.. Screenshot_20210413-141335_Chrome.jpg
    Then as a semi (tractor trailer) driver I had to truck a 40ft frigemobile load of of said cheese balls that had suffered a fridge/cooling failure (not under my watch)

    it turned into a insurance write off...

    Guess who got to dumpster dive & filled the family's station wagon full of miny cheese balls..

    What a boring job it was shelling those bloody cheese balls..

    But hay I'v now got 50 odd kg's (110lb) of what is a bees wax based wax..or enough wax glue to last me & my son both our life x's...along with 2.5tons of microcristoline wax (see my avatar ),but thats anougher story on industrial wast...& how it can help the home hobbyist..

    Fireclay thats been sieved to pull out all the finer grains,mixed with petroleum jelly/mineral oil/bee or soft microcristoline wax, makes a wonderfull plasticine,

    be carefull with some of the older online recipes that tell you to use sulfer as that will interfere with silicon rubber curing.

    As a side note,the animation crew that make Wallace & Gromit clay flims etc will make & store their plasticine for a year or so,turns out raw clay thats stored grows some sort of mold thats beneficial to clay/pottery & plasticine making...

    This is from ($) value adding to the abundance waxs I'v found myself with..& has sold in a art supply shop.

    My microcristoline wax has been moded with a *polymer (carnt think of its tehco name) but if u have a soft mico wax ,add some melted shopping bags that have a *"very silky smooth feel" to them & you only need to add 1% by weight of the polymer/bag to to turn your crappy victory brown into a nice carverble micro wax (& at 3% you carn't dig your finger nail into it-so less is better )
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    I have an embarrassing amount of hoarded babybel wax too. Before I started working from home last year I'd bring one or two in my lunch and ziplock up the wax when I was done. When the bag would get full I'd bring it home and start another. Over the years it really added up. Not quite a truckload, more like a big shopping bag, but I always figured it could be used for some ghetto lost wax experiments or as an ingredient for something.
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