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    I promised a lot of people a How to on this so here we go
    I started with a full 57MM BOFORS shell provided to me bu the customer. that is the one with the ruler behind it to it's left is a 76MM and to the right a 3inch/50, both of which could also be used for the project
    57MM Base.JPG
    Here is the base of the shell with the primer
    57MM primer.JPG
    Which I promptly removed. Had to build a special tool for that, the igniter was cut off so all I returned to the shell was the threaded section of the primer
    coin base.JPG
    Now besides the handle we needed a flat base to mount two coins onto... Be very careful, this is hard on the fingers. I had the shell right there for constant fit tests, it took a couple or tries and I had to make two different sizes, as a made the first one for a 1.5 inch coin and the coin in question was 2 inch
    coin base 2.JPG
    and of course how we get the shape and the draft
    coin base and handle.JPG
    The handle is a simple split pattern in wood , I formed almost the entire thing on the spindle sander using different size spindles
    Here is the mold half complete. the coin base is coped out, no good way to slit that pattern
    handle tapping.JPG
    the handle is drilled and tapped to hold it in place during the brazing, I made a jig so all the handles will be in the same place and have identical holes in case someone wants a pair or set. BTW I had to procure a very special tool to install those screws inside the shell (This is a secret so please if you know what it is SHUSH!!)
    mug with tumbler.JPG
    For the safety of our drinkers I lined the shell with the inside of a stainless tumbler. here is the donor
    everything for brazing.JPG
    Here is all the parts, you can see the tumbler has been trimmed to fit, OH as to sizing I tried to stretch the shell with a muffler pipe expander, I even annealed the shell multiple times, I destroyed the expander and gained a few thousands , so I purchased a 3 inch 60 Grit flap wheel and took about 100/Thousands out of the interior to get the tumbler in where I wanted it
    here is everything ready to braze, this was a gut wrenching evolution, a lot of stuff had to be done. I inverted the mug and laid under it as I did the tumbler into the shell, I inserted the filler slug in through the primer hole. the rim of the mug had to have an inch of filler coated over it to protect the lips of the drinker, and the coin bases and the handle where brazed in place using food safe brazing rod, which was stupid expensive. about $20 per mug just in filler
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    Thats friggin awesome!! Remind me not to get into a drinking contest with you! :)
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    here is the finished product[​IMG]
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    Remember when finished it weighed over 7 lbs, Use a coaster or the missus will kill you
    V/r HT1
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    I would just blame it on you :) LOL
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    That is pretty slick.
    I like the way you think and drink.
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    That's so cool, thanks for showing us!


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