Small aluminum propane furnace..

Discussion in 'Furnaces and their construction' started by mytwhyt, Sep 27, 2021.

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    Small, easy to move around... 6 insulating fire bricks, ceramic fiber blanket & hardener, photo copy stand, small bench top router stand, 5 gal metal can, and a small stainless steel bowel for the top half..

    I used a 1" ceramic fiber board as underlayment for the bricks.. Had it on hand, probably have used
    some blanket as substitute.. Trying to keep the heat from the router table.. The space between bricks and
    can were stuffed with fiber to tighten the bricks.. Having a bit of a problem with my pics..


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  2. mytwhyt

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    IMG_1852.jpg IMG_1850.jpg IMG_1849.jpg IMG_1844.jpg IMG_1865.jpg Try for some more pics..

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  3. mytwhyt

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    Managed to post pics, but lost the text.. The top is lined with rigidized 1" blanket.. A few screws around the bottom, plus the bent over tabs on the bowel hold it all... The hardener locks everything in place..
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  4. Al2O3

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    That looks well done and efficient. Looks like it may have seen duty. How about a couple of pictures of the Tuyere and burner.

  5. BeagelBrainz

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    I like it.......inspiring
  6. Old timer

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    Mytwhyt. I like that and may just borrow the lid lift method when I do my propane burner melter. Are you using this mainly for aluminum?
  7. Old timer

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    Duh! Should have seen it in the title. Oh well I`m old.
  8. mytwhyt

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    Al203, Don't have any good pics of the Tuyere, just an angled hole through the brick.. A little blanket stuffed along side the burner.. It doesn't extend past the brick.. I don't need a flare on the end.. The crucible I use is an empty 1lb propane canister.. Filled to the top it's only a couple pounds.. I use a kiln shelf wash inside and out of it.. I get an easy 5-6 melts with it.. I'll get a pic of what I use to pick up the canister and pour..
    IMG_224717.JPG IMG_223617.JPG IMG_224813.JPG
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    The second photo shows blue flames coming out of the vent, which gives the impression that most gas burning takes place there and not inside the furnace. Lifting the lid for a while might result in a 'pop' at which the flame moves inside.
  10. mytwhyt

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    That was a first time low light pic. in the shop .. I had it cranked up empty to see what it would do.. From candle to full burn it does a good job of melting aluminum.. My operation is on the small side.. Like the kid at Disney Land, I'm barely tall enough to go on this ride.. I started small and worked my way up to this... Now the damned sand molds are just too heavy to be any fun.. Thinking of selling my sterling castings on Etsy. I have a hand injection wax pot and a couple hundred rubber molds and two Kerr casting machines... Maybe for a winter project.. Found this site and now I'm just digging up bones..

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