Stainless siphon nozzle waste oil burner

Discussion in 'Burners and their construction' started by Guster, Mar 13, 2019.

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    When you have time pop round again and I will take my burner apart and show you the inside.... it is so simple it should be easy for you to make.

    How do you do a quote on this forum.... I know how to do it on AA just not here?
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    A direct melt setup would be handy. I have two prop-shaft bearings that won't come out without a little more persuasion. Heating the casting the the embrittlement temp before giving it a tap would be just as good.

    Saw your post on AA before all this started. The only tricky part is drilling small holes in stainless but I’ve done enough of them too.

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    Just highlight the text you want to quote...

    left mouse button, drag over text...
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    If I recall correctly Denis lost his o-ring with a crucible full of hot metal and hot footed it into town, got an o-ring, and got it swapped before it cooled. Very impressive if you're not twenty minutes from twon like me then it would be astounding.

    That's one reason I started with a drip burner. If you start on propane anyway I'm not sure there's an advantage to atomizing the fuel. Especially if you're burning waste motor oil. I still have to filter the oil or it will plug up behind the needle valve.

    Tell your wife you need a foundry shelter for all weather melting.
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    Do yourself a favor and get a portaband saw. I don't try to unscrew steel pipe out of brass valves anymore. Just cut the end off the valve, stand it up in the vise and cut down through the brass and steel. Then a punch takes the brass right off. You have to cut stuff up to get it in the crucible so cut through the offending materials and they will come out easily in two pieces. I'd cut the cast bearing housings from two sides and be done with the bearings.

    But then it seems I always do things left handed...
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    How do you filter your fuel Andy?

    I was thinking of using a strainer, such as those used by painters before they put it in the gun,

    Cheers Charlie
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    You are right. That was Feb 2018. I am so lucky to have a “real” family-owned hardware store here in town. I seriously think it should be declared a state treasure. Box stores have almost universally devastated genuine hardware stores. But this one is thriving due to excellent service, top quality merchandise, business savvy, local loyalty, willingness to establish a major online presence, etc. The story of its founding 55 years ago and gradual growth along with the original owners pluck (Back in the day, Alta used to routinely get into her Caddy and drive 30 miles to a wholesaler, load up the back seat with several cases of dynamite, and bring it to the store to sell to miners and loggers) could be the subject of an interesting documentary.

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  8. Guster

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    That would be a mission on a Saturday here. If you are luck and it is before noon you'd be lucky to be out and back in under an hour these days.

    It had better be a shelter big enough for me to sleep in. ;) Wanting to put up a carport up front which would be a good spot for it though. I'll see what I can get away with when I fit a new roof on the shed later this year.

    Would be neat but a bit of a pricey novelty here. Give it another year or so and prices will come down. I've been using a reciprocating saw/sawzall so far and it has been working great. Especially with a dab of WD40 every few inches to keep the blade from gumming. I also have my small horisontal bandsaw that can stand upright with a small cutting table which would work well too.
  9. oldironfarmer

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    Such a shame, Harbor Freight has a really good bandsaw for $99 (on perpetual sale). I've run through twenty blades on mine so far. Amazing how much better it is than a reciprocating saw. You seriously need to move up here. I've still got 1/2 Cup's land open.

    I had a spin on filter mounting block and I put it on the discharge of my oil storage tank. It takes an odd thread filter (7/8" or something) and they're $15 at O'Reilly's but I've not plugged it yet with about forty gallons through it so far.

    Our Town & Country Hardware in Mannford is in the traditional hardware store category. I'm trying to give them more business but they have attractive pricing on lawn mowers so that is a good base business.
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    What saw is that Andy?
  11. oldironfarmer

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    Then ya whack em with a 10% coupon. They get pissy if you whip out the 20%.
    There was a big class action lawsuit a few years ago about their nonsense. I got a gift card back then for 100bucks if memory serves me correctly.:D
  13. Guster

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    Great jam too... apparently. :cool:

    A spin on filter mount is so easy to make or cast. As long as you can find a bolt that fits the center thread on the filter, the hardest part is drilling out the bolt and tapping it for a hose barb(or welding one on if you feel like it)

    Either moving there or out of Auckland and up north onto a lifestyle block where I can raise a barn. Then we could keep a pet donkey! :)

    The same Chinese equivalent(exact same colours) sells here through a few shops for about NZ$320. You can get the Milwaukee or Makita cordless skin for about NZ$500. The corded version is about NZ$800. :eek:
  14. PatJ

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    The o-ring can be omitted from the design.
    If you do a lot of iron castings, it may be worth the trouble to omit it.

    But it is simple enough to just pull the burner away from the furnace too when you turn the burner off (if you want to keep the o-ring design).

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