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Discussion in 'Other metal working projects' started by rocco, Apr 29, 2022.

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    I have a small project and I need one 20 foot length of 1"x 1" 1/8" angle, I called a couple place and my price locally is around $24 Cdn, that works out to about $19 USD. I've heard prices vary considerable depending on location, I'm curious what others are paying in their area.
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    For me in MN, 19 to 20 dollars US (tied to market) from a big yard, 46 dollars US from a cleaned-up specialty store, and 12 dollars US for a six foot piece local big box store.
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    id jump all over that
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  4. rocco

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    Made another couple calls, found some for $20Cdn (approx $15.50 USD)
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    For 1x1 angle.. That's about right. Still DOUBLE what it was last year. There was a healthy dip last year, but with each manufactured crisis comes another sharp stick to the eye.
    If you need to save a buck or too, see if you have a surplus supply source handy. There is one in Houston I use that sells steel at 1/2 the current going rate if I don't mind stuff missing an inch or two. I ALMOST pulled the trigger on 16 4x8 sheets of 1/4 plate for my hole in the ground. Then something told me I needed to stick with concrete. Hope I made the right choice.

    Here is a chart where you can see the hot rolled steel MADNESS that is our current world economy.!/
    AND NO THIS ISN'T POLITICAL! I feel bad for the guys trying to put up steel buildings right now! My sister just put a steel roof on a house and barn and WOW was it expensive! :(

    How about this for a deal.. This is some used 1/4" wall pipe, 6.5" diameter, about 6feet long. I'm making a pair of 16" rollers out of it. I paid 10bucks! I got a great scrap yard and I'm not afraid to grind a little rust off! What's funny is the gaping hole in my trailer! With the price of plywood, this hole is gonna be around awhile!:mad:

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