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  1. Chazza

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am a greensand moulder and have been most impressed with the burner designs and lost-foam pattern making.

    However; as I am new to this casting forum, I am all-at-sea with the how-and-why of the techniques and method, that most of you use.

    What about some stickies at the top of each each forum, with an introduction to the most basic information to help people such as myself get an idea of what it is all about? For example I have found the burner thread on common types, immensely helpful.

    I realise that 99% of the information I and others seek is already in this site, but finding it can be very time-consuming if every post in every thread has to be read.

    So for example; I could write a stickie about simple patterns and using greensand with an oil binder. It could be a go-to page for someone, who has never done sand-moulding, or basic pattern-making before.

    I am most impressed with Kelly's lost-foam pattern-making, but I have no idea what sort of foam it is; how it is machined or worked; where to buy it; safety-data; etc.

    To be a good stickie, it must stick to the facts, not questions and be moderated by an administrator, so that everyone else's idle thoughts, do not muddy the water.

    Make it simple to find and easy to read.

    Admin; if you want me to kick-off with a stickie, let me know please,

    Cheers Charlie
  2. Al2O3

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    Though this could change, we’re not real enthusiastic about stickies here as you can tell. This forum is relatively young, and if you use advanced search and key words, you can narrow the search and usually hone in pretty fast. If all of us would populate the “tags” and be thoughtful about titles of our threads, and conscious of avoiding thread drift, it would be helpful too. I always appreciate someone who invests some time to search their question first but don’t at all mind pointing in the right direction.

    Sometimes all you need to do is ask.:)

    I wrote this thread in the early days of this forum on the pros/cons of the lost foam process.

    Here’s a post that describes some of the lost foam casting process for hobbists. It contains information about properties of foam pattern stock which is available at home improvement stores. It discusses vacuum but I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I only use it 10% of the time on more complex and difficult parts but a vibrator for mold packing would be a recommended.

    I made a new larger, improved, rig incorporating many lessons learned here.

    Now working with foam and foam pattern making is subject unto itself. I use woodworking tools and hand guided pattern methods (like below) but a CNC router is also a powerful tool.

    A hot wire cutter is simple to build and very useful for resizing foam pattern stock.

    Best advice is to divide your patterns into simple parts and glue them together with hot melt glue or wood glue. Sand/shape/smooth with <100 or less grit. I use 220 grit the most. Foam surface finish will improve all the way to 320 grit. Patterns can be detailed with wax fillets and appliques. Sprueing takes some experimentation and practice, but coating the pattern is easy with thinned drywall compound or plaster of Paris (preferably non-setting compounds).

    I like to cast but I cast to make useful parts, not just to melt metal and cast. I’ve geared everything I do toward making one-off to handfuls of custom machine parts with the aim to make them look like refined production castings with good material properties. -Still learning, making progress, and improvements every day. I am interested in all forms of casting but I’ve gotten so far down the road toward my needs with LF, I’m yet to move on.

    I’ve thought about writing a lost foam tutorial for the home hobbyist, but seemed a bit self-indulgent, but happy to share.

  3. Chazza

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    Well; fair enough you don't want stickies, but you have hit the nail on the head in your reply;
    "...if all of us would populate the “tags” and be thoughtful about titles of our threads, and conscious of avoiding thread drift, it would be helpful too."

    I did do a search for your lost-foam process before I posted but it yielded nothing useful; one of the limitations of forum search-engines. Reading pages of largely irrelevant replies, is far too time-consuming for me.

    What prompted me to write in the first place, was a question from someone a few weeks ago, who was having trouble visualising how a core could be supported in the mould. I doubt that the written replies helped much; what was needed was a few useful pictures, or diagrams. I could have replied but I would rather that my reply didn't disappear into the morass.

    Stickies just make things easier to find.

    Thank you for your reply Kelly; I enjoyed the films,

    Cheers Charlie
  4. Al2O3

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    It’s not necessarily the case we don’t want them, it’s more a matter of how many you would have and how you’d select them. The example you gave, though certainly relevant is one of very large number of very specific subjects within the could have tens our hundreds with time.....and having to maneuver through a page or two of stickies in each sub forum can also be undesirable.

    In your example, if you invited input on the subject of oil bound sand you could title and tag it as such and though It wouldn't be a sticky, it would be immediately discoverable by search.

    Have at it!

  5. HT1

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    Point of order:
    Green sand is water bonded
    Oil Bonded sand Commonly called Petrobond is just that
    there are other sand based casting systems : Sodium Silicate , often called CO2 sand, PUNB, Resin bonded , and God only knows how Many propitiatory sand systems

    Green sand even has sub categories: natural , synthetic and all purpose

    the LOST pattern techniques are normally called shell casting , but alot of people use the pattern media to name them which is informative so cool by most
    then there is permanent mold, or Die casting

    Sorry in advance if I sound preachy, but terminology is important

    V/r HT1

    P.S. on the Subject , I'm not as excited about Stickies as some, seems to get over used . also Stickies can kill innovation because well that #1 sticky will get all the traffic while possibly better info will languish lost at the bottom of a page
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  6. Jason

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    Yup Yup... very true.
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  7. HT1

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    1) what the OP seems to be asking for is a FAQ on specific subjects. and while that would be useful and nice . it would also be alot of work with very little reward .
    hell if I was going to do all that I would write a book , thank and credit everyone here and hawk the book in the for sale section and give half the profits to the Admin to keep the Board running ...
    But I'm a little different

    2) if you come here and ask intelligent thought provoking questions you will almost always get an answer or a link to the answer! most of the folk here are really nice and helpful , save for I, I'm pure evil [​IMG]

    V/r HT1

    P.S. if you dont believe my evil, someone will post my No Piddy Safety Video :)

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