The Jimmy Cogg Whole Hog Roaster

Discussion in 'Other metal working projects' started by Jimmy Cogg, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Jimmy Cogg

    Jimmy Cogg Silver

    Well summer is upon us and with a few relatives celebrating wedding anniversaries I've been busy upping my barbeque game and learning how to roast a whole hog. So, I've made my own
    diy hog roaster and a few tools to complete the job.
    A complete success!!! Yay!
    You've got to hand it to "The University of Youtube!!!" :-D
    Here's an over view of my hog roaster, powered by a cement mixer and reduction gearing by adapting a very old worm gear chain hoist. It turns at a rock steady 2 revolutions per minute.

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  2. _Jason

    _Jason Silver

    Good show! Pairs well with a proper homemade ale too, I might add.
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  3. PatJ

    PatJ Silver Banner Member

    That is a serious amount of BBQ.
    Either you have an army you are planning on feeding, or much of that will go into the freezer ?

    BBQ is very serious business in the South where I live, and they have a big international cooking contest here once a year.
    Its incredibly good stuff they cook, and generally they cook it very slowly over many hours, using highly secretive recipes.

    I think I gained a few pounds just watching that video.

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  4. Jimmy Cogg

    Jimmy Cogg Silver

    Yes it did, we had 5 gallons of my brothers home brewed stout on a beer tap.
  5. Jimmy Cogg

    Jimmy Cogg Silver

    Ha ha, We were feeding 65 people. The hog was 140 lbs and I managed to cook it well in over a solid 12 hours. I could have done an hour or so more with a resting of the meat but the crowd was chomping at the bit by 6pm and the pig was done so, off it came from the spit the knives then came out!!! Absolutely brilliant fun....and the meat is out of this world. I stuffed the salted carcass with a mixture of 50/50 quartered and peeled onions and apples with sage rosemary and time herbs together with 1 lb of salted butter. Then sewed it up. It was stunning. Plenty for the freezer too afterwards and I've boiled all the bones and scraps and made 2.5 gallons of fantastic pork stock......It's the way to go!!!
  6. Jason

    Jason Silver Banner Member

    You guys are yellow mustard based sauce right?
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  7. Peedee

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    Nice job, where was my invite? ;)

    I guess you are now Jimmy Hog?
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  8. Petee716

    Petee716 Silver Banner Member

    Jimmy Hogg.
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  9. Jimmy Cogg

    Jimmy Cogg Silver

    A good selection of sauces are also EXTREMELY important lol! my humble opinion.

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