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  1. OCD

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    I'm starting my Halloween project for next year this weekend. :D
  2. Petee716

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    It means more than just taxes. If you've done creative/original design, creation, invention, etc and they give you a 1099, the intellectual property belongs to them. If you give them a receipt for services the intellectual property remains yours. Pick your poison. Photographers and graphic artists can tell you all about it. Maybe that photographer who got sued by PETA over that now-famous monkey selfie should send the monkey a 1099.
    A great example is your architect. It's illegal to have his blueprints copied without his/her permission ($) even though you paid a pretty penny for them, unless he's your employee, which is unlikely. Believe me, as a printer and copy shop owner I have the cease and desist letters to prove the point.
    If the property violates someone else's assets (say, Yosimite Sam for example), both maker and customer are better off staying mum.
  3. Jason

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    No kidding? A stupid 1099 would stand up in court as proof of ownership? That's pretty underhanded considering I can create a 1099 in about 2mins.
  4. Tobho Mott

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    Good day to be Canadian - no taxes on winnings up here, plus $100US looks much bigger when PayPal translates it into our currency (the Quebecois Quatloo)!

    Thanks again Dave,

  5. Petee716

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    I lost the spirit of the thread. Sorry guys.
    Congratulations on a job well done!

  6. Tobho Mott

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    Nah, I find that stuff bizarre and interesting. Besides, voting is over now anyway.

    Here is the best crazy story I've read or heard about, having to do with IP and copyright law:


    Probably has nothing to do with 1099's, but it is so weird and hilarious I couldn't resist posting it. :D

  7. Petee716

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    Ha, the pork guys knew they were pissing in the wind. They at least had to make the effort. Parodies get a free pass. Weird Al Yankovic asks all of the artists before spoofing their songs, but that's because he's polite.
    Unicorn meat. Yum.

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