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    Just a thought that most will already know but for the new guy. A very spotty source of tin. Can be found at junk sales and thrift stores. Most of the pewter I have found is 94% tin 6% antimony.
    Last week I found just over 1 Lb. For $1.50. The rough looking ingot was a goblet. Be careful though some of this stuff has considerable value wile other pieces are scrap metal.


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  2. Robert

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    Very hard to know what you have. True pewter typically has lead alloyed in there. The tin content can be as low as 85%. Be careful with Wilton "pewter" which is really an aluminum alloy.
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    Yes certainly very good advice Robert. I thank you for bringing this up as I did post this for more inexperienced members. Most pewter is marked and easily referenced on line. The rest is a crap shoot. This last batch was marked garden pewter with a catalog number. Some very old pewter had high lead content so caution is advised. Anything unmarked that is made to be used for food or drink will not have lead but the alloy will be in question. A pyrometer and knowing the melting point will help with identification. Wikipedia has a good wright up on the alloys of pewter.

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    My only use of tin is for Lining Mugs... there will be no guess work Rotometal or better 99.6 % guaranteed for this guy

    V/r HT1
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    I find it amusing we (here anyway) have 'tin bashers' 'tin snips' 'tin foil' and 'tin cans' none of which are related to tin anymore.
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    And I wear my tin foil hat when I get worried.:rolleyes:

    In the old days there was a great line about claiming you had a ten dollar watch. An expensive watch in dollar a day labor. But what you really had was a tin dollar watch.
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    Us too. We call them tin knockers.

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