video with most ingenious snap flasks

Discussion in 'Foundry tools and flasks' started by HT1, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. HT1

    HT1 Silver

    great video, but the flask at the 7:30 minute mark made me pause and double take,

    V/r HT1

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  2. Jason

    Jason Gold

    What the?????
  3. TRYPHON974

    TRYPHON974 Copper Banner Member

    I thought at first it was silica molds, seems quite clever. I assume the funnel/filter allows to skip the skimming process, or to complete it but what is it made from, stainless steel? People advice against steel crucibles as it can cause contamination, but wouldn't such a contraption cause trouble? Or is it something more "exotic" like titanium, tungsten ...?
  4. Billy Elmore

    Billy Elmore Silver

    My grandpa had some like that. Pretty neat!

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