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    Hello Gentlemen,
    Looking to buy a British Molding Machine Model CK or QCK in good working order.
    Prefer Midwest location, but will consider all locations. Photos of BBM CK.

    BMM-4.jpg BMM-3.jpg
  2. Jason

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  3. crazybillybob

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    I have a spare one of these that I will send you if you need.
  4. DavidF

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    Hell of a machine.
    Trouble with getting one from an equipment place is its likely to cost you 75% more than if you bought it off an individual.
    Junkyard had on older model jolt squeezes machine he was talking about selling, dont know if he still has it..


    Thanks Jason, I had already contacted them about the one listed. They want $5000 for it, but I am hoping to find one for a lot less. I can do a nicer paint job and replace the hoses my self for several thousand less. The unit I posted photos of belongs to my friend Tony. He told me I can buy it off of him in 4 years when he retires for $2000. If I am still alive and he's still willing I am sure I'll buy it, but in the meantime I would like to have on now. I have used his plenty of times and am kind of spoiled now. I'll probably end up buying all of his equipment in the end.

  6. Jason

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    You know what's better than owning a large airplane? Having a friend that OWNS a large airplane....:D lesson complete. ;)

    5k sounds steep to me. You still have riggers, shipping.... blah blah blah... Give that guy a couple of months and hit him again. I find it hard to believe he's got guys lined up out the door to buy it off him. After it collects some dust, I bet he comes down. Did ya offer that seller 2k? Never hurts to ask. Leave him your info and tell him to call you when he can "help you out" with a deal.
    I feed everyone a sad story and usually get money knocked off. I buy thousands of dollars worth of airplane parts every year and you'd FLIP if you saw what these guys will do to make a sale. If you want, pm me and we can good guy, bad guy this seller. I love playing the game. Then we can get David to low ball the shit out of him and before long, this seller will consider SCRAP prices a good deal.:D
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    And how exactly did I get a reputation as a low baller?? I mean I am getting old, but....
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    That machine would load for free and I could haul it in the back of my old dually pickup. It's 400 miles away so if I wanted it I would run up and haul it home. The guy just listed it a few days ago, so he can sit on it for awhile. However that particular machine is very popular and they always move quickly. I would give him $2000 for it without thinking twice, but doubt he's going to give in that low.

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    "All I've got is $2,000 right now..."

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