Weird flavor of bronze

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  1. Jason

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    SO I did the unthinkable and bought some *cough *cough bronze rod on fleabay. Now there are about 100 different flavors of bronze, but I thought lets try it. Cheap enough right? But first I had to learn not to try to weld the bronze bushings and other assorted crap from Ace hardware. That stuff is loaded with zinc and goos the welding table with some yellow nastiness.

    Here is the rod I got from fleabay. I would bet my left nut this stuff was copper, but the seller talked to me (nice guy) and I think he might be right. (the possibility of a copper rod vs bronze rod mixup still exists) He called this stuff C544 Phosphor bronze 80-85% copper. The silicon bronze I'm running is 95% copper. Funny how his stuff looks and welds more like copper. Guess I should have stayed awake in chemistry class.

    Lesson learned.... McMaster Carr, Never a question what shows up on your doorstep.


  2. OCD

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    I hope he refunded your money back.
  3. Jason

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    Nahh... This is the 2nd time in a week I've fallen for sellers BS. I bought a couple of stupid looking retro edison bulbs the wife wanted. Little did I see on the page they were 220vt. Now, WHO THE F sells lightbulbs to consumers from INSIDE the US in 220vt? Left that sob neutral feedback for being a deceptive scumbag! Look at this page. I didn't see it. Now he has it highlighted in yellow. They work, but only 1/2 as bright. Or is that a quarter.. I can never remember.
  4. OCD

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    EVERY time I have ever purchased bulbs on line over half of them are broken when they arrive.

    2 things you should never order on line,
    Light bulbs
  5. Jason

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    Me love you long time GI.
  6. OCD

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    Need money for motorbike / new buffalo / insert random reason here.

    I've spent too much time in Vietnam in the last 20 years :)
  8. Petee716

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    I got an assignment back in 03 to yakota Japan. I told my wife to pack the stuff, she said if you go to Japan, you're going alone. I said if I go to Japan, I won't need you! I choose door number 3, I bailed out of the Air Force and went back to school. It was the right decision. I was tired of getting shot at. The C-130 moves kinda slow and she's a big target!
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  11. Jason

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    What I did get to stick welded horrible. Mcmastercarr to the rescue.

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