Army or Marine Corp hell any veteran

Discussion in 'Metal casting projects' started by HT1, Apr 28, 2023.

  1. HT1

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    If you are a serious caster and an Military veteran, I'm blowing up with requests for items from other branches , I'm Navy. if you are interested and capable I will literally Drop a business in your lap.

    Sound OFF

    V/r HT1

    P.S. no really I have multiple Viral Instagram reels and I'm getting Hundreds of request from other branches I cannot fill and do my own work , I will throw your name out, and tell you how im getting patterns done this is the deal of the century dont miss out

    P.P.S if it is not you and you think you know someone get them to me
  2. Patrick-C

    Patrick-C Silver

    So, I am no military veteran but I am interested. Let me know if I can get in on this or if it is veteran-only.

    P.S. My great-uncle was a Vietnam veteran with a purple heart.

  3. HT1

    HT1 Silver Banner Member

    the issue is that you will have to understand the military ranks, specialties literally books of minutia on acronyms both official and unofficial, the military copyrights and a whole list of LEGAL $hit...
    also there will be people that will not take you serious if your not a veteran, one person claims your a poser trying to just get money from veterans, you Loose Thousands of potential customer

    Can you cast 10 pieces a week? How is your pattern making game? If you cant get a new pattern a month you like me will be 15 years in before you take off

    How is your social media game? you have to be on facebook and instagram DAILY posts available to answer questions 24-7 US military is in every time zone that brings up shipping , you near a post office , got a printer ? boxes outbound every day

    If your seriously interested DM Me

    V/r HT1
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  4. BattyZ

    BattyZ Silver Banner Member

    Sounds like these are tweaked per order? Not something somebody could cnc machine a tilt casting die for?
  5. HT1

    HT1 Silver Banner Member

    I tell people to P.O. when they ask for "custom" or send then to an engraver

    Traditional Sand casting , that is the selling point , and Customization is not part of that(kills the tradition)

    But CNC a die ??? $$$your start up cost will be insane, My business model( and alot of people here think im too Cheap), is $700 Prototype fee, if I divide that across 10 Pieces you get $70 into each piece for setup, That puts me at break even if I sell 10 Pieces , so each prototype, I have to be guaranteed 10 sales or I won't touch it UNLESS I think i can sell 10 on my own . keeping in mind 10 pieces is a weeks (parttime)work on most items, now if you CNC a pattern printed resin with draft and sand cast , I can get that cost closer to $300, good sellers pay for the bad seller, so I have a complete line (over 200 pieces now ) everytime I try to count my mind gets blown

    V/r HT1
  6. BattyZ

    BattyZ Silver Banner Member

    I bring this up because I cast my own blocks and the machine the molds for tilt casting etc. So the cost is really just some tooling and electricity. But casting from a die mold would leave a fine surface finish and ruin the point as you said.

    I would say if you were doing custom you wouldn't be sleeping or making money!


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