Automotive Intake Manifold – Boss 302 Independent Runner

Discussion in 'Lost foam casting' started by Al2O3, Apr 24, 2021.

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  2. Kelly,
    I am totally in awe of your talents. I'm so very excited to watch as this progresses to being a complete piece. Thank you for the videos of the process, it is very educational.
  3. DaveZ

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    That's some really AWESOME work!!
  4. Oldarm

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    Absolutely SPLENDID! My heartiest congratulations. I followed your response to my suggestions and fully comprehend your comments. Thank you for taking the time out to explain your logic. It really is greatly appreciated. Apart from a little dabbling with the "white stuff" 50 years ago I have never explored the possibilities lost foam opens up. Now I see.
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    Yes, yes, come to the dark side!
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  7. Al2O3

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    Been a while but I made patterns for the air filter for this induction system. I've been learning CamBam, Gcode, getting acquainted with my CNC Router, and made this the pilot project for my first CNC’d lost foam patterns.

    72 Base Bottom.JPG 73 Base and Lid Top.JPG 74 Base and Lid Bottom.JPG 75 Filter Patterns On Intake.JPG

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    The sky's the limit!
  9. BattyZ

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    Nice!! Are you doing manual bit changes? That chamfer looks dyno-mite. Looking forward to seeing the gating system for these pours.
  10. Al2O3

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    Yes, manual. I had to break the Machine Ops into separate programs where a tool change was required. The top side of the lid required four tools. The other three sides 1-3. There were at least 3 different ways to make the chamfer. I just used a profile cut and specified the bit diameter as .001" so it cut on the center of the V-bit at my selected depth but there were several plugins available to do same and break edges.

    Yes, had that thought through while designing the parts. Besides feeding he part, it also needs to help keep the parts flat during molding.

  11. Kelly,
    The air cleaner came out fabulous! The detail work you are doing is just incredible. VVRROOOMMM! It is going to be terrific!
  12. garyhlucas

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    I don’t see any engraving. Piece of cake to add your name, logo etc.
  13. Al2O3

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    Yes, that is on the near term list. I kind of like the wax applique I have but there is a clear polycarbonate lid I intend to cut and it will need to be engraved.

    I was reading on importing bitmaps for the more unique/custom artwork but I see I can download just about anything I want as far as logos. In general, what type of file is best/easiest to import that will allow you to insert and get right to it? Will probably use somewhere between a 1/16"-1/8" ball nose to do the deed.

  14. Al2O3

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    Been a while since I updated the post. I know you guys like pictures so here they come. Gated the filter patterns…..

    76 Filter Gated.JPG 77 Filter Gated (2).JPG 78 Filter Gated.JPG 79 Filter Gated.JPG 80 Filter Gated.JPG

    Dip coated…..

    81 Filter Dipped.JPG

    Dried overnight….

    82 Filter Dried.JPG 83 Filter dried.JPG


    84 Molded.JPG

    Casting came out nice.....I like it when they look just like the pattern!

    85 Casting Top.JPG 86 Casting Bottom.JPG 87 On Carbs.JPG

    Too tired to de-gate it today. -More to come.

  15. Al2O3

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    More pictures! I cut the air filter casting apart separating the base from the lid.

    88 Cut Apart.JPG

    Then trimmed the remainder of the feed system off the base.

    89 Cut More.JPG

    I’ve learned not to get too aggressive on the table saw and leave myself ample room. I clamped both to the mill table and shaved the feed and support features down, then hit them with the small disc sander.

    90 Degated.JPG 91 Degated.JPG

    They stayed remarkably flat….very pleased with that, but they could easily be straightened if needed as the castings are in a fairly soft state of temper. The shrink was right on and the interface features align very well.

    92 Base On Carbs.JPG 93 Lid on Carbs.JPG

    A one and done….thankfully.

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  16. BattyZ

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    That gating looks very well done, kudos!
  17. crazybillybob

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    That is some very pretty engine icing! I know I wouldn't kick out my garage! nicely done sir!!!
  18. Al2O3

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    Thanks fellas. Did the finish machining and made the mounting hardware today. Just need to splice together a filter element and it’s done.

    94 Machined Base and Lid.JPG 95 Underside.JPG 96 Detail.JPG

  19. Oldarm

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  20. An issue where aluminum shrinks by about 3%. have you take it in molds or how do you handle it? Nice work you doing!!

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