Casting demo for local sculptor's network

Discussion in 'Metal casting projects' started by Tobho Mott, May 31, 2024.

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    Cherish McGuffin, a local 'maker' and friend who took my casting class a couple years ago and then set up his own home foundry (pretty sure he's the only one who did, and also the only one who came to class with his own flask and pattern prepared, see here: is also friends with the president of the National Capital Network of Sculptors (aka Sculpture Ottawa), and roped me in as a co-demonstrator to show them some aluminum casting the other night in his garage.

    Fun! He rammed up a small NCNS name plate and a little bowl with an "SO" logo in it and I had a couple of ostensibly arty-ish looking lost foam shapes predipped. And a bunch of patterns and old lost foam experiments I have lying around. Not every casting came out just right, but the attendees still seemed impressed.

    8 or 9 local sculptors showed up, and a couple more on a zoom call. They seemed like an interested bunch, lots of good questions. Who knows if will lead to anything, but maybe they'll get some ideas.

    I didn't take any photos while I was there but Chris sent me a couple he got. There's also a few more pictures to see @sculptureottawa on IG, for anyone who's on there.









    I'll save the sand casting patterns for post 2

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    More pics






    Not much else to say, aside from it was a good time.

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    Looks interesting! Particularly the 'Dragons Within" plaque and the belt buckles.

    I think there is something almost magical about casting for those experiencing it for the first (or 100th :)) time.

    Well there was for me anyway.
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    Is that the travelling belt buckle pattern from AA? One was making the rounds back about 2010 I think. I don't remember who started it, maybe it was you.

    IMG_1010.JPG IMG_1028.JPG IMG_1074.JPG
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    Thanks for the larger photos.

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