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  1. Has anyone considered or tried a burner fueled with biogas? So the methane stuff made from anaerobic digestion? Not trying to start a massive ethical discussion but being able to use slightly better fuel environmentally would be great, if it made sense. Would get it bottled if I could find it.

    Would it be likely to burn hot enough? Any additional hazards over propane?

    thanks for any thoughts
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    Right there would be your biggest stumbling block......availability and supply.

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    It could probably be made to work but how practical it would be on a small scale, that's another question. Bio-digesters are becoming increasing common on high intensity live stock farms, that's just about the smallest scale digester in common use that I'm aware of and while the gas generated is used as an energy source, those digesters' primary function is as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Other than as temporary on-site storage, I've not heard anyone bottling their bio-gas.

    On the scale most of us operate, probably the most accessible "environmentally friendly" fuel would be used vegetable oil. Check your local greasy spoon or fish and chips shop, ask how they dispose of their waste fryer oil, they might be willing to divert some your way.
  4. Like Rocco suggests, it would be equally eco friendly to burn waste cooking oil as it is carbon neutral not to mention easier to obtain.

  5. The "dasifier" might be up your alley. Couple alloyavenue members gave it a go....can't fine the archives however.
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