Greetings from the world's Largest Prison

Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by BeagelBrainz, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. BeagelBrainz

    BeagelBrainz Copper

    Hi all,

    I'm from Sydney and looking to get my feet wet in metal casting, mostly Aluminum (as I live in a rented townhouse and the neighbors have been good so far).
    So far all of my metal work experience has been either turning or milling. Pattern making looks like fun, will give me a good chance to put my carpentry skills back into use.
  2. Welcome to the forum, I'm up in North Queensland. Living as you do in Berejiklistan must be tough at the moment although there should be plenty of foundry suppliers in the state. There may even be a foundry club or group that can help you get experience.
  3. Jason

    Jason Gold

    I feel bad for you guys. And I JUST got this the other day.
    If things turn sour here, watch how fast I figure out how to make certain "tools" in my
    own garage. Don't think my recent foray into the machining world was just for
    bronze artsy fartsy crap.

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  4. BeagelBrainz

    BeagelBrainz Copper

    Well to be honest that's how we started off.
    Maybe soon they'll go back to paying the cops & military with rum.

    Once I can travel more than 5km form my front door I'll start looking around.
  5. Melterskelter

    Melterskelter Gold Banner Member

    Yes, we in the US will be glad to tell you how your country should be more respectful of individual freedoms. ;-)

    Here is another view from space of the the world Covid prevelance by country. We in the US are so busy respecting individual's freedom that we are one of a very few countries in dark red with ER's collapsing under the load of Covid especially in Colorado, Montana and pretty much all of the SE including Texas and in a pattern that exactly fits inversely proportional with vaccination rates and prohibition of masks.


    Yep, we'll tell ya how to get it done.

    Down with mandates, up with Freedom. Give me freedom and give me death. (Look up Patrick Henry for those curious about this "odd" slightly altered phrase). Yee Haw!

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  6. Petee716

    Petee716 Gold Banner Member

    Welcome to the forum. You'll find the help and friendly input you're looking for here (as long as we stick to our primary purpose).
    Absolutely brush off the woodworking tools, you'll need them. But you'll find your machine tools super helpful as well. I use all kinds of materials for pattern making including plastics, wood, modified used metal parts, etc.
    Being in fairly close quarters you may want to consider starting with a well insulated furnace using propane or electricity. Charcoal is an option as well. Oil is effective and often free, but there is a learning curve and a good chance of becoming "that guy" in your neighborhood. You'll find lots of experience here in all of those avenues.
    We love pictures!

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  7. Al2O3

    Al2O3 Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    If you'll be casting primarily aluminum in an urban/residential setting where noise and odor could become a concern, a resistive electric furnace certainly has advantages. Big advantage being absolutely silent and no need to store or burn fuel. Downside is you'll be limited to melting temps typically <2300F. Brass and bronzes would be on the fringe of the furnaces capability depending upon alloy and furnace construction. If you decide to pursue building your own there are related threads here on the forum.

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  8. BeagelBrainz

    BeagelBrainz Copper

    Cheers all.

    Aluminum is the goal to begin with. Electric would suit me best, as an "open" flame might be a bit of an issue.
    I'll certainly spend a lot of time browsing the forums and gathering as much info as I can......Will more than likely follow through with some questions.
  9. theroundbug

    theroundbug Copper

    Aluminum should be fine - just know that you are pretty much limited to 3kg (of copper) graphite crucibles, which is not that much aluminum. Also melting copper alloys will use your crucibles fast. Expect under 10 melts for bronze before you have to replace it. This is of course if you are looking at those cylinder style furnaces.

    Square chamber kilns work with normal crucibles but are much less efficient and getting it out can be tricky without the right tongs
  10. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Can any of you that don't live in canada confirm this bullshit?
  11. BeagelBrainz

    BeagelBrainz Copper

    Kerry Chant is a state Public Health official, not a national one.

    So far I haven't heard of any "camps". The following is incorrect and the correct info is below in another post. The "camps" that are mentioned. as far as I know, are in Queensland and are an alternative to "hotel" quarantine for those entering the country via Queensland.

    So I guess like most media outlets the facts are not being truthfully represented or just as disturbing the "reporters" and not properly researched the story.

    Yep ATM the moment things really suck here. We have a bunch of Premiers, running each state that think they are gods and eradicate covid by confining people to their homes.

    In Sydney we have just "come out of curfew" which had nothing to do with public health as such, but to make the police's job easier. Most of what is happening is to "protect the health system", which I guess is a way of covering up the neglect the various state governments.

    So far as a nation we have had covid 1138 deaths, one being a teenage boy who presented at a hospital with meningitis who later passed and parents agreed to have recorded as a "covid death". A large majority of that 1138 come from Victoria from a terrible governmental decision, that as of yet no one seems to know who made that decision. On a brighter note there have been no deaths related to the Flu. I guess Delta and Flu have an agreement worked out.

    As you can see from the above data Victoria is well over represented.

    Science, facts and data have been thrown out the window. We have a bunch of elected officials, who appear to treat the populace as school kids at an assembly and far far too many sheep that have drunk the kool aid or let themselves be injected with a solution that has not been tested and there is no long term data on. Thalidomide was considered a good, until it wasn't.

    No for something really stupid.

    They have the Rugby League player in what they call a bubble, cos the show must go on right ?
    Anyways prior to the game in "the sheds" all players and coaches and the rest must where masks.
    Once the players are on the field they can remove their masks.
    Come halftime, masks must be put back on.
    Once back on the field for the 2nd half masks must be removed.
    Come full time masks are put back on again and then you may shake hands with your opponents.

    For those that don't know Rugby League is 26 guys beating each other senseless for 2 40 minute halves. Kind of like Rugby Union but each player must have an IQ 10% lower than a 2 yro. Maybe similar to American football without the padding and helmets & each player has to be able to attack & defend. Similar to ice hockey, yet every player on each side is a goon.

    Anyways I'll be glad when I can travel outside of my local government area to buy some materials. ATM there is SFA within 5km of my front door.

    Suspiciously there is talk of international wonders how that is supposed to work and more importantly who it is supposed to work for.

    Well enough said, time to make a pattern for a tin foil hat.....
    Any idea as to why there has been a delivery van parked outside my house for 2 weeks ? Maybe I should offer the poor sods a coffee.
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  12. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Thanks for the intel. Embellishment always exists on both sides.
    "ATM there is SFA within 5km of my front door." <<<<<<<<<<< Now that is total BS. Because everyone knows bad things happen at 6kms or after 10pm.:rolleyes:
  13. BeagelBrainz

    BeagelBrainz Copper

    Nah apparently if you travel more than 5km from your front door covid will get you. Same as covid knows whether you're sitting down or standing in a pub....covid is really smart.

    Bad things happen on the way home, the next day is when the really bad things happen and your heart stops and you need refilling with blood.
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  14. It's the old Howard Springs mining camp accommodation which was hurriedly pressed into service as a 14 day quarantine facility for mostly international arrivals. By having individuals in their own separate accommodation there is no way to spread infections via air ducts and they are allowed outside to exercise in the facility grounds. It's about 25 kilometres South of Darwin, is "user pays" and costs $2500 per inmate for the two weeks. Currently in the entire Northern Territory there is one active Covid case that was acquired overseas and Howard Springs facility is one reason why cases are so low while still allowing people to travel to the region.

    In my home state of Queensland most of the state has no lockdown or masks or local travel restrictions and there is one active Covid case at the moment. The border with New South Wales is more or less closed due to the Delta strain escaping although the cases per day have levelled off due to vaccination levels being increased.
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  15. Melterskelter

    Melterskelter Gold Banner Member

    Yah, you Aussies are doing something right. As an example, your cumulative Covid cases for this whole pandemic is much better than most of the world and far better than the US, Britain, France, Russia, Canada, all of South America, etc. Way to go. We could have saved a few hundred thousand lives in the US if we had followed your example. We could stand to learn from you.


  16. BeagelBrainz

    BeagelBrainz Copper

    We're an isolated island country, which was probably our best defense. Out of 231 countries, our population density comes in at 226. Australia is the 6th largest country by area at 7,692,024 km² compared to the USA at number 4 with 9,372,610 km² but we haven't even reached 26 million in population. Its a big country only really populated along the coasts, most of that being the east coast.
    The state that had the most rigid lockdowns pre Jul 2021 had the highest rate of deaths.
    In NSW we really didn't have a lockdown until Dec 2020 and that was only for a week or 2. If memory serves me right.
    The current outbreak in NSW post Jul 2021 is due to the government, they couldn't a come up with a protocol that would keep a driver that transports people from the airport to quarantine from becoming patient zero.

    So unless you want to cull 90% of the population of the US there's not much you could learn.
  17. Al2O3

    Al2O3 Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

    The original poster wasn't here and I realize it's probably an unintended consequence of the thread title, but for the rest, if the deletion of the previous COVID thread wasn't instructive enough, I trust this message will be and won't require further action. Direct the discussion to themes of the casting forum please.

  18. Hi Kelly, I got my firebricks for my small electric foundry from a pottery kiln supplier. He showed me a German made electric pottery kiln that could reach 1400C. That's just over 2500F. My foundry would fit inside it and be well clear of the sides. I didn't ask the price!

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