How do you polish bronze to a mirror finish?

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    Hi guys - I made my kid a crown, see below. To clean up I use a combo of objects, primarily a die grinder with Benchmark Abrasive sanding wheels, but I am wondering, does anyone have a good process to get to an actual mirror finish on a bronze pour? You can see I get it like 80% there, but I am still way off....
    Thanks in advance!

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  2. If you have access to the equipment then a very fine size glass bead blast gives a frosted appearance just below a polish. Also vapor blasting gives a satin frosted appearance.

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    Once you get to the limit of sand paper, you're going to be using a buffing wheel and rouge(s). That's normally what folks refer to as polishing.
    Here's a decent how to

    Polishing any metal is the same basic steps. Copper based can be bit more fidgety because the copper likes to smear and gum up the abrasives.
    Good luck.
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    Cotton bobs and rouge and a die grinder. Messy, but it will shine like a mirror.
    I've had good results too with brasso and a soft cloth.
    I remember you could get kits to polish intakes and blowers from summit
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    Thank you people

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