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  1. and would like to know if you can use a burnout furnace to all so melt metal.
    In time I want to do some lost wax casting. So if I can use a burn out now for melting metal
    Mostly copper and brass, than later on use it as a burn out furnace.
    Thank you
    I have a cheap furnace a ce-1000. I just can't get it to melt copper. It melt in to one big glob in the bottom of the
    crucible it all most melt. Hope you can help.
  2. Mantrid

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    I think it would depend on how much empty space is around the crucible. I used my burnout kiln for melting bronze once upon a time. But mine is mostly made of loose insulated fire bricks so I can change its internal volume easily to fit more closely to the crucible.

    If this is not possible with your burnout kiln you could reduce the intenmal space by stacking insulated fire bricks inside, then remove them again for wax burnout.
  3. Ooh it is possible to melt in a kiln then? I always thought the issue was being able to open the door at the pouring temp and get the crucible out without either a) being stymied by the safety mechanism that won't allow it to be opened or b) giving the element/fire bricks a massive thermal shock and basically killing the kiln. any thoughts on this?
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    What is a kiln? Mine is just a stack of fire bricks. The top is fire bricks in a metal frame as is the base. I can lift the lid off and it also has a vent in the top as I use propane. I can observe or poke things through the hole to test how liquid the bronze is, or insert a probe if required.
    I dont know how if these fire bricks will experience thermal shock Ive not noticed it. The main problem is they are soft and prone to mechanical damage. However they are cheap and easily replaced.

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