Is it time to make a "Hall of Fame" thread?

Discussion in 'Forum suggestions' started by rocco, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. rocco

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    These forums are large enough now that it's easy to lose track of useful threads and information that have been posted here, I've noticed several threads recently where information from older threads is being duplicated. I think maybe it's time to start something like the "hall of fame" sticky thread we had over at AA.
    For those of you not familiar with that, the first entry in the thread was a linked list of a few dozen forum threads which contained particularly useful information. The list was curated by one of the forum moderators and members could post to the thread with their nominations for threads to be added to that list.
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    A couple thoughts: 1) Duplication of information is, in my view, less of a problem than useful information being buried in threads that begin on a certain subject, but the fork off onto a different subject entirely. In that case someone looking for information buried in the thread would have a hard time finding it. A recent example that comes to mind is the “Replicating an Air Intake” thread. The basic question is not a new one by any means and the answers to the question are well covered. However, in that thread questions of using resin-bound cores came up and then Ironsides put up some new-to-me information about his 30-year use of epoxy binders complete with videos and answers to some detailed question. 6 months or a year from now, someone scanning the various thread will have no clue that this thread has some nuggets of information relevant to resin-binding cores. A Google search does not find—-I just tried. It did find an old single-entry thread.

    What is the solution? I would love it this site had a full-time librarian to provide a comprehensive index and table of contents—-I nominate Kelly. ;-). For the here and now however, I am thinking of linking the 2020 thread to the current one or starting a new epoxy/polyester resin core thread.

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    First time poster:
    Over on my other watched forum ( they faced a similar problem. We have a 'sticky' section where the basic technical information is collected. Works well for answering the many common questions basic (such as I may be asking.;)) and the more technical.
    << >>
    Rather than linking individual threads maybe break the 'sticky' section into topics and link to the individual posts of interest. By clicking on the post number in XenForo a unique URL to that post is created. This would fix the problem of finding the little nuggets of information buried in an unrelated thread as noted by MS above.

    Originally this is what was done on HBA with a couple of members that were uniquely qualified in their fields being the caretakers. Works well, until one of the caretakers moves on due to changing life priorities.

    Would be interesting to also compare Epoxy chemistry with Vinyl Ester Chemistry for cores.
    I've been lurking for a couple of months now and have learned a lot since my last casting session about 2 decades ago. Plan to post an intro soon, but work leaves me a little short of time - maybe this weekend?

    Unrelated note to Admin:
    If you could turn on the 'multi quote' function in XenForo it would make quoting multiple members in one post a little easier.
  4. DavidF

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    I'll look into that..
  5. rocco

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    It's pretty easy to do already, you just use the left mouse button to highlight the section of a post that you want to quote and left click on reply.
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    IIRC, wasn't the hall of fame thread at AA more of a tribute thread to notable project accomplishments (Like ESCs V8 and Indian Motorcycle Cylinder Head) as opposed to sticky topics? Granted, some of those threads contained great how-to information.

    Though open to adding more stickies, with time it seems to grow and not too enthused about the first 10+ threads of every forum becoming a sticky you have to scroll past.

    Ohh, as wise guy!

    There is power in numbers. Might be more powerful if as forum members researched topics, they built a thread under the subject titles and pasted related information, links, and sources so it is easier for the next guy to search and find, like MS is doing with epoxy bound cores.

  7. rocco

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    I certainly wouldn't want to overload the forums with stickies, more than a few in each forum would be annoying. My idea is a single sticky thread which not only links to but also indexes particularly notable and/or useful threads so that these threads don't get lost in the crowd, this could be a valuable resource most especially for the newbies.
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    Neverminded me, I'll be over here practicing my search skills.
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    I agree with the basic premise, but boy would it be hard, I know My Larger Moya Thread
    has some great info, but entirely off subject , Someone (Im sorry i'm terrible with names) even credited me for my favorite HF Air Gun in a YouTube video in that thread, which is about burners, but got on a tangent about parting compound, and their correct application,

    Really we all just need to be good about creating our own threads, in the correct are, with good headings

    I should really share more, I have been thinking about just a picture and basic description and some ruminations on the why's of my over 100 Patterns . would you all like to see all my patterns?

    additionally alot of people need to learn to use the like button rather then reply , it keeps the threads neater

    V/r HT1
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    Yes please.


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