Kwiky oil burner troubles

Discussion in 'Burners and their construction' started by David McCauley, Nov 21, 2021.

  1. Hello friends,
    So I have just finished building a kwiky oil burner and I am having trouble getting it to burn properly. when dialing it in with water I had no problems and got a great volume of perfectly atomized water, but when I switched to waste oil (used motor oil cut with 25% diesel) I dont get nearly the same flow rate and barely get a flame. Im thinking its an issue with the oil being too thick, it was a 50 degree F fall day. Im also using a little pancake compressor because my furnace is far from my shop, maybe that could be the problem but the pressure stays up above 30 psi. I should also note that I tried preheating my furnace with propane to red hot but to no avail .Any tips from someone with kwiky experience would be much appreciated!
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    Just for grins try running straight diesel and see if you get better results. If so, then you can start adding in more oil to taste. Otherwise you can try to heat your oil in something like a coffee urn to thin it. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with a kwiky, but that’s probably where I’d start. Member Jason runs one with straight jet fuel. Some of his posts might lend some help.

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    Check the o ring on it ....they leak and won't suck file if they have bin over heated

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