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Discussion in 'Other metal working projects' started by Jason, Apr 23, 2022.

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    I was going to say, don't give her any ideas but, it's probably occurred to her already.:p
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  2. It's fine ... He's just got to work out where the the airlock will be situated and extend the tunnel for the radioisotope generator under the neighbor's house.
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    You clowns crack me up. Well, I had left knee surgery a coupe of weeks ago. Lucky me! Here's the latest on this project. Oriental Yuhong is dragging my ass along on selling me 80sq meters of the non-sanded membrane. Last conversation a couple of days ago, he told me they had no inventory and was going to get my material added to the next large order that comes through. This makes me think my order is tiny compared to what they usually get. On Made in China, they have a huge minimum qty. o_O

    I have found a second HDPE membrane from a different company and this guy has been johnny on the spot! He very quickly sent me samples free of charge, answers emails same day, has already quoted land price to my doorstep! Figure around a 1000bucks for 80sq meters shipped! So I ran his sample and it's pretty good, but it comes off the concrete with about half the effort of the oriental yuhong stuff. I'm half tempted to grab a plane ticket and go for a run to china, but I'm too busy to go through that hassle. I really want the OY stuff, but might have to suck it up with option B.

    Follow up appointment for my knee tomorrow and I'm planning on getting back in the hole very soon to lower the pump out level a couple more feet and install a backup pump permanently in a box so I can resume digging and have control of the water level during construction. So stick around, I'm not licked yet and my wife isn't trying to bury me in it either!
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    My water is at record lows and this is without pumping! This Alex guy in China needs to get my stuff on the boat while it's dry as a bone here!:(

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    I've given up on the chinese! In September, Cetco dropped a new product on the market and this is a game changer! After much testing, working with my nerd and their nerds, the lag coating is finally letting the glue below do it's job. And it does it incredibly well. I'm pretty sure I've found the solution and can proceed after a couple more tests.
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    Hows the project going Jason? Any new updates? :)
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    His wife probably chucked him in the hole and filled it in..
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    You funny guy..

    The latest news... The new water proofing membrane has been delivered! This is more than enough to wrap the entire hole with membrane. Ever try to buy 15" dual wall culvert parts? That was a serious eye opener! I picked up 3 Tees and perf pipe for just 250bucks! These parts will become the deep sump pit that will be abandoned once construction is done. I got the idea of a horizontal sump from the french drainman on youtube. He sells a system for a couple of grand, but I can make basically the same thing. He calls it the screemin demon. Outside of that, the digging should resume soon.



    Screenshot_20240319_220320_Samsung Internet.jpg
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    I try to be..
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    The price is nuts. I had similar sticker shock when I installed French drains in my back yard. Even for small drains the fittings are crazy prices. Its just recycled black plastic and yet it costs as much as a used car.

    How much more digging to go? I'm trying to lay out more patio brick to finish the outside of my house. But of course raining this week of course.

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