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Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by Ando, Apr 25, 2024.

  1. Ando

    Ando Copper

    Hi All, have a job for an artist on the books and came here looking for some tips.

    I'm a fitter and turner by trade and poured plenty of white metal bearings and some small aluminium/sand cast projects. Project at hand totals approx 18kg (I'm breaking it up to three pieces/pours) so I'll look forward learning from the forum.
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  2. Hi Ando, depending on where you are there's plenty of people who would be happy to show you the ropes of give advice on how to get started with casting metals.
  3. Ando

    Ando Copper

    Thanks Mark, I'm in North QLD, so have been dealing with Bruce at Green Sand Foundry for some bentonite and parting powder supplies.
  4. I'm at Cairns, it's possible to buy stuff like ferrosilicon for iron from Northern Iron and Brass at Innisfail. Hayes Metals down at Sydney will sell ingot quantities of non ferrous metals and even phos-copper shot for copper casting. Skamol will sell Morgan crucibles but if they should be insured in case of rough handling.
  5. Ando

    Ando Copper

    Cheers Mark that's good info.
    My current project is a large aluminium job (4 pours then TIG together) in green sand.
    The lost foam threads are very interesting. May look at trying that after this project is complete.
    On gear; I'm running a LPG furnace and picked up an A20 Super Salamander for this job.
    My largest tongs and shank are for an A16 so will knock up a set for the larger crucible on the weekend.

    I'm just down the road in Townsville.
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  6. Sounds like you're all set, where did you buy the A20?, it's always good to find another supplier. I found I could buy a semi powdered bentonite used for dams from an agricultural supply shop, after a few uses any lumps break down in it.
  7. Ando

    Ando Copper

    The crucible was through Skamol.
    I chased up a couple of rural suppliers for bentonite but went with Green Sand Foundry due to time constraints on the project.
    Both Skamol and GSF goods were received within a couple of days, so happy with the service.

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