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  1. I'd been editing my earlier post about the B301 air gap of 2.9" when you made that B301 post about the airgap. The B702 scales up but still maintains around 2.75" air gap for an A70 crucible. So that seems about minimum for a given crucible size.

    Looks like you've been busy too, so yours will be optimized for radiant heat coupling obviously.
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    Yes indeed and using a new (to me) refractory material. I'll start another thread in not-too-distant future.

    My comment on the air gap was just contrasting or perhaps reinforcing it was about half the gap for NG as least at the A20 size furnace.

  3. My existing 11" bore was based on gas furnace dimensions and 1-1.25" between the crucible and bore. The original gas furnace gets hot with high gas consumption and melts hotter materials including monel which is up there with iron's melting point. My similar bore furnace struggles with iron and the experiment with an A6 crucible seemed give enough extra combustion volume to melt a smaller mass of iron. In a way I'm scaling up the existing furnace with an A6 to accommodate an A25. In the photo below you can see an upside down A25 for size comparison to the right.

    So the new furnace goal is to reduce the refractory mass, boost the volume and have the same or less surface area.......hmm might have to calculate all that now.

    A6 iron run 2.jpg

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