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Discussion in 'General foundry chat' started by Zapins, Sep 22, 2021.

  1. Zapins

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    The guy I bought the die filer from is a retired mechanic and apparently has tons of old machine tools and bits. I wasn't expecting this but he sent me this package of tools and bits for my lathe. Even two Starrett micrometers and a larger central tools one! I'm not sure what the compass tool with the needle tip and blunt tip are for but the rest I think I know what they are.

    Also many of them are signed and previously owned by David Sims. I'm told he was in the machinists handbook?

    What an incredibly generous gift! Just wanted to share :)

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  2. Melterskelter

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    I can't quite see the caliper with the "blunt tip" but I suspect it is a hermaphrodite caliper---an occasionally very useful tool. That is a nice bit of kit. I imagine he did not gift this to you because he disliked you!

    If you have not already, celebrate by adding in a nice Mitutoyo 6" caliper. Very nicely made. Batteries last for years even if you forget or do not bother to turn them off. Smooth action and very good accuracy to .001 and read to .0005" You won't be sorry.

  3. DavidF

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  4. That's a great score, it's all good stuff to have.
  5. Zapins

    Zapins Gold Banner Member

    Yes hermaphrodite tip is what it is! I will research the use and see what I can make with it.

    Oh yes those calipers would be great. I have them saved on my Amazon wish list.

    I'm going to carefully sand blast the tooling and re-blue it. I'm hesitant to blast the micrometers without multiple layers of strong tape covering the delicate areas.
  6. Melterskelter

    Melterskelter Gold Banner Member

    My guess is those mics are spot on given who gave them to you. One very inexpensive but easy to obtain and very accurate standard is to use ball bearings as test pieces. They are usually machined to within a 10th or better tolerance so that a quarter will be .2500 1/2 of the .5000 and so on.

    I get my micrometers out when I need to make a very accurate measurement to .001” or less. But I use my calipers much more often because they are so quick and the zero function and therefore checking for a difference is so handy.

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  7. DavidF

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    Don't blast... get some of that eastwood after blast and use it with a scotch Brite pad and it will clean that stuff right up..
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  8. Old timer

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    That indeed is very generous. All very usable items.
  9. Melterskelter

    Melterskelter Gold Banner Member

    True enough. Lyndex collets, for instance, are very costly. Those parting tools look nice too. Be sure to read up on their use, though. Properly sharpened and used they work very well. But, if you do not use them correctly, they can really be frustrating. The key is to avoid inadequate clearance to avoid binding.


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