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Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by Miles74, Nov 3, 2021.

  1. Miles74

    Miles74 Lead

    Hello to everyone here. My name is Ian and I’m based is South Wales in the U.K.

    I have been reading the forum for a little while as a guest, finally decided it was time to join.

    My main objective here is to learn the magic of lost foam casting. I’m a radio Ham, and I’m sick of buying Aluminium boxes, heatsinks, chassis, parts and castings for projects when I could be making them myself.

    I have no equipment as of yet (hoping to build what I can). Total newbie to this subject, so I hope the occasional daft question is tolerated :)

    I look forward to chatting with you.

    many thanks, Ian
  2. Mach

    Mach Silver Banner Member

    Welcome Ian, nice to have you here. I'm on a similar path regarding lost foam. Looking forward to seeing your projects.
  3. Miles74

    Miles74 Lead

    Thanks Mach, it’s a fascinating subject. My primary goal is to learn enough to build the kit I need to start experimenting, so project pieces may be a little way off.

    I’m concentrating on furnace construction ideas at the moment. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to go down the electric route (less noise /fumes to upset the neighbours), plus electric is the cheap fuel option at present.

    There is so much information in here, it will take a while to digest what I need
  4. Al2O3

    Al2O3 Administrator Staff Member Banner Member

  5. Miles74

    Miles74 Lead

    Hi Kelly,

    Honestly, it’s a pleasure to get a message from you. I have been watching your videos. Your a very talented guy.

    Good call with the hot wire cutter. I have a simple one that was used for making parts for RC aircraft many moons ago, but it’s likely dead or in need of a rebuild (I think I have one anyway… last saw it in the attic many a moon ago), so likely a good time to make a new cutter.

    After seeing your manifold builds, I may need to brush up my foam modelling skills too.

    I think the resistive furnace may be my best option, so I’d love any tips once the time comes.

    Thanks again, Ian
  6. Zapins

    Zapins Gold Banner Member

    Yeah process are nuts right now I think its part of the covid supply and demand thing right now. Just like wood prices were up and finally came down again steel prices are still crazy. Hopefully it goes back to normal soon. I have a ton of projects waiting.
  7. Miles74

    Miles74 Lead

    With luck, life will return to some sort of normality soon. I get to try my hand at international travel in two weeks. It’s normally a fair trip, but with the added requirements of tests and certificates etc, I might well need a vacation to recover from the vacation

    Covid has caused many issues with my other hobbies too (electronics etc). With global shortages of parts, getting components has become expensive or in some cases impossible.

    let’s hope things settle soon.

  8. Rob Hall

    Rob Hall Copper Banner Member

    Welcome Ian. Always glad to see the lurkers cave in and join.
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  9. Miles74

    Miles74 Lead

    Thanks Rob, I’m still here and reading / lurking. I’m unable to experiment with my new found aluminium scrap at the moment as I finally managed to visit my daughter in Brazil. International travel is not much fun at the moment.

    Once I return home, I’ll try my hand at melting some of my Wheelium and Headium into ingots. Start simple and all that.
  10. Mantrid

    Mantrid Copper

    Where are you living Miles? Im in the rhondda
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  11. Miles74

    Miles74 Lead

    Just over the mountain in Mountain Ash. Small world.
  12. Mantrid

    Mantrid Copper

    yes certainly is
  13. Miles74

    Miles74 Lead

    But right now, I’m a long ways from there sun and sea for a wee while. On return, I’ll try to get some ingots made.

    I need to build a few things before I can try casting though. Neighbours can put up with gas powered melts until I can go electric.
  14. Mantrid

    Mantrid Copper

    shouldnt be a problem. doesnt produce smoke. just a bit of noise but cant be heard inside.

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