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Discussion in 'Lost wax casting' started by Randy, Mar 6, 2023.

  1. Randy

    Randy Copper

    I know some of you folks are experimenting with patterns made with PLA plastic using a 3D printer. I found this video and the author makes it look very simple to get a decent part. Nothing hi-tech about it at all and the materials he uses are very inexpensive. I am interested in this process of making a mold from white sand using Sodium silicate as a binder. In this video, he uses plain old plaster mixed with playground sand 50/50 and it works pretty well. Well enough to try I think. Burnout was successful and not a big deal either. Have a look and see how easily he makes a good part.


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    Thanks for the video link Randy.
    There is an eclectic mix of software/techniques/practices in that video.
    Most of all, a 15$ set of 3-jaw fireplace tongs would have made for a safer / less sloppy pour than backhanding the lifting tongs.
    I cannot argue with the success of the part and liked the tip about cooling hot melt glue on metal before applying to foam.
    If you are an OpenSCAD user there is a gate design program here:
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    3DTOPO is a member here. That video was 9 years ago. Think he has moved on a bit since then.

    Mild steel test run with 36KW Induction Tilt Furnace | The Home Foundry

    But as far as lost PLA, yes, that easy but for the new hobby caster, do your homework on burn out. Bulky plaster molds can take a while to cook the water out. Pouring into a wet mold will produce a molten metal volcano and/or steam explosion.


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