Proud of This One - Silicon Bronze Ash tray

Discussion in 'Metal casting projects' started by Swiftsure 33, Jun 24, 2024.

  1. Swiftsure 33

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    Ash Tray 1.jpg

    Ash Tray 2.jpg Ash Tray 3.jpg

    Just finished up a final version of this silicon bronze ash tray I've been working on for a while. Cast as one piece in a petrobond mold. Layered patina using a cold darkening solution followed by several hot applications of ferric nitrate in varied concentrations. Finished with a food safe beeswax/linseed oil product.
  2. rocco

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    Nice casting. beautiful patina!
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  3. Al2O3

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    Very nicely done.

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  4. Charlie2Crows

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    Fantastic design. Fantastic finish!!!
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