Rocketman carb adapters

Discussion in 'Sand Casting' started by Rocketman, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Rocketman

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    Ive posted some pictures of these before at other places, but I don't think I put this video up. Start to finish, pattern to machined part.

    I use rammed greensand cores for these, I can get away with it on a small simple core like this and it's far more economical, and shakeout is easy peasy.

  2. Al2O3

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    I like it. What do the adapt to/from?

  3. PatJ

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    That turned out really nice.

    I have never tried green sand on a core, but it does make sense in some cases now that you demonstrate it.

    I like that mill.
  4. Tobho Mott

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  5. Mister ED

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    OK, the casting looks really, really nice ... but that milling machine is a thing of beauty!! Post up some more pics of it when you have a chance ... not too often that you see a really nice Jackson #2 mill.
  6. Negativ3

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    Well put together video, good to see the whole process. Nice fly cutter :)
  7. Jason

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    Wanna sell that mill? Nice work.
  8. Rocketman

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    1988-89 Ford Festiva factory carb to Weber 32/36 or early 80's Escort carb. Same casting slightly different bolt pattern. Stock carb is 'computer controlled' and has a lot of issues, it's much cheaper to replace it with a Weber or the much simpler Escort unit

    Do you have any info on Jackson mills??? I found it on Craigslist some years ago, it's a beautiful and quite capable machine. I'll see if I can find some pictures of it

    Nope! Haha, I LOVE this mill!

    Thanks for the kind words guys!
  9. Rocketman

    Rocketman Silver

    Here's a pic of the mill when I got it to my shop:

    I think it is serial #1224, I will have to double check
  10. Mister ED

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    Sorry, not much info out there on these mills, or Jackson Machine.
    A couple tidbits:
    • In 1919 there were 70 employees, 69 men and 1 women.
    • Address was 314 N Jackson St, Jackson MI.
    • This property has been occupied by Crankshaft Machine since around 1947.
    • Crankshaft Machine was founded in 1916. No clue if they bought out Jackson Machine or at some point bought the property.
    • Several references to them in the early '20s in Google books.
    • I have seen pics of two different models, the #2 and one a bit larger without the stand (#1?).
    • I almost bought one years back that had a replacement head attached.
    • Very similar to the Index 40/45 (the first time I saw that vid I thought it was) ... but the tell tail give away is the elevation handle is on the opposite site.
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  11. Jason

    Jason Gold

    Yeah.. you really should get rid of that old machine. It would look better in my garage.
    That's what makes this thing a cherry. It's half the size of a bridgeport and perfect when space is at a premium.
  12. I am working on doing this exact carb swap, even have a escort carb, cant find an adaptor however, would any of these be available soon?
  13. Rocketman

    Rocketman Silver

    Yes they will be available soon. Just got finished casting this batch of them

    Is anyone interested in seeing pictures/process of the pattern I am using to scale production of these? It's been quite the project
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  14. Tobho Mott

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    Definitely interested.

  15. yes as well
  16. Tops

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    I don't even need one and I'm interested... :)

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