Spruce design for lost wax slip investment casting?

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    I have a project I am returning to after working on it several years ago. It's an axle cover with a very detailed winged logo on it. I have made at least 6 by sand casting with PetroBond and 4 with lost wax slip investment. I have a good silicone mold of the part for making my wax patterns.

    I am seeking advice on the spruing of these wax patterns. When I cast them in sand I had a riser, a gate that fed the part and another riser on the opposite side. (See second try 2 ) These worked well but I did not get the very best detail for the logo. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was not. Time involved to fail the ramming of the mold was not worth it.

    First ever investment casting I put the sprue right in the middle of the back of the part and gave it a vent (see picture Investment). 2 of the 4 cast parts had issues with the fine detail that I attribute to the direct pour of the aluminum charge. Maybe the aluminum was not fully clean of dross, I don't know.

    So when I go to remake these parts I am wondering whether I should make a wax sprue and gate to one side to fill the cavity and maybe a vent as well? (See Logo-hub-investment) I did not at the vent cause I will use just plain rod wax. Thanks! Jgaertner

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