the Petrobondforsale guy seems to be out of business

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by HT1, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. WCRS

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    I also got my Petrobond from this guy. So due to this unforeseen disruption I'm looking for the suppliers to get the ingredients to start making it myself.
    I have a 200lb batch muller and could also sell it ready to use. So if anyone has any contact info that can help please post it. Thanks
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  2. DavidF

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    Ok, I'm just a little bit jealous...

    Lancaster Foundry supply in Lancaster PA has it..

    Welcome to the forum!!
  3. HT1

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    OK The Sheesible sand is a total scam,
    after sending me cheap sunglasses rather then my sand, they promissed to send me the sand, gave me a new tracking number and a webpage to follow the tracking, that page was a bogus page if i took my tracking number to any one of the other tracking sites i got an error. I paid through Paypal, so I went to Paypal explained what was going on, Sheeshible sent, Paypal, the original tracking number, trying to make it look like I had already recieved the item, 5 minutes on the Phone with Paypal, and I got my money back, if I had allowed the automated system, go through i would have lost and Been FUBAR.
    so lessons learned,
    1) a deal too good to be true is not
    2) someone is always trying to scam you
    3) paypal works if you follow up

    BTW, this is the second time I have dealt with Paypal resolution center, and It has always been good to me, but do their paperwork, let the other guy responde, then get on the phone with Paypal

    V/r HT1
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  4. Jason

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    The lengths that people will go to avoiding work is mind boggling.
    I'm glad PP came through for you. Last time I called them over something I got "Bob" in Bangalore trying to speak american slang to me:rolleyes:
  5. HT1

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    If you need petrobond, I ordered
    75Lbs off ebay from PMC, you can goe to their site, but it links you back to their ebay page, So dont waste your time, I got a full 75 Lbs , the sand seems fine, though I would recommend mulling it once before use, or using it as backing sand, it has sat too long and has lost green strength, mulling with a mist of Alcohol will bring it back to 100%

    'm happy and as money allows I will stock up.
    they also have 100 Lb lots and 50 Lbs lots, smaller lots exist, but the price per pound increases

    V/r Ht1
  6. Jammer

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    I've been PM'ing with HT1 and went through the same deal. Got my money back from PP and got the same knock-off sunglasses. I've never had any problems on line shopping, usually very careful but have had 2 problems on flea-bay and now this one. Can't trust anyone anymore. Even the ones on flea-bay say USA, shipped in US etc. but then bill comes in chinese. ???
  7. Chasft

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    Sorry I was gone so long ,been back awhile now
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  8. Melterskelter

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    For those who might want to make their own like I do, member Mach could probably sell you the hard-to-get Bentone. Glycerin is a less evaporating alternative alcohol to use rather than methanol or ethanol. Cobett recommends glycerin (glycerol.)

    I am liking the K-bond I made with Bentone and glycerin.

  9. HT1

    HT1 Gold Banner Member

    I stocked up with My tax return. but dont run off again, I''l probably get 300Lbs+ / year make up

    V/r HT1
  10. Mach

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    Thanks for the reminder. I posted a separate for sale thread.
  11. Lou

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    I just sent Tom Cobett and email regarding adding glycerine. The chemist in me thinks this is a bad, bad idea and I never knew if he ACTUALLY suggested glycerine to be the best. My concern is that the pyrolysis/thermolysis of glycerin makes acrolein and that's some NASTY stuff.

    I've met Tom in person and can confidently say he's a sharp fellow and a gentleman to boot.

    This is the recipe I've always read:
  12. Melterskelter

    Melterskelter Gold Banner Member

    Yes, Cobett did actually suggest glycerin (glycerol).

    Here is a copy of his email to me:
    "So far, so good. I did notice 2 things that you may want to improve upon. If you can find smokeless 2 stroke oil, that will indeed be smokeless! Semi-Synthetic might give you some smoke. Make sure it says Smokeless.

    In stead of using ethanol as the polar activator, you may want to use something that does not evaporate so fast. Try using glycerin (glycerol). About $25/gal. at Walmart.
    Ethanol boils at 174F. Glycerol boils at 554F. Glycerol is more polar than ethanol and it will last longer and it is good grade!
    K-Bond should always work better than Petrobond. P-Bond is red because it contains iron oxide, which stains your hands.

    Keep me posted!

    Tom Cobett

    [Redacted email and physical address]

    Sent from my iPhone"

    I've been using it and really like it.

  13. Lou

    Lou Copper

    I just saw that he is a member here, too.

    My question to you is have you ever had any lachrymatory (tearing up at the eyes/hacking cough) from any smoke exposure? Obviously I know you're not out there trying to breathe it but I know from personal experience with glycerine and its pyrolysis that it does make acrolein and it's damn obnoxious!

    Theory and practice are two different things, but if you recall all the e-cig/vapers getting lung irritation, it was due to traces of acrolein from glycerol in their vaping liquids.
  14. Melterskelter

    Melterskelter Gold Banner Member


    I guess I step out of the smoke after pouring. It isn't that significant an amount unless I get impatient and dump out the molds minutes after pouring. Then there is quite a bit of smoke. Never noticed any lachrymatory reaction (unless the casting is fautly!) when pouring or dumping which I do inside a fairly airy barn.

    I am sure some carcinogens are made in the smoke. But exposure duration and intensity are small. Compared to ordinary life, I suspect it is not a concern. Ethanol is a registered carcinogen that a large opercent of the population DRINKS daily and infrequently causes cancer, as an example. But, since Tom works at a university, there is zero tolerance for anything even suspected as a carcinogen (except for alcohol, of course.) ;-)

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  15. HT1

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    not feeling like making a new thread
    here is P1 Catalyst on Ebay, it looks like this guy purchased some stuff from a closing foundry or robbed a foundry so get it while its available, price seems ok but shipping is murder, so maybe we have a local guy

    again watch that shipping!!!

    V/r HT1
  16. cactusdreams

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    I used to be able to get those petrobond additives from Independent Foundry Supply near Los Angeles about a 45 min drive from me. Ready P-Bond too. But they went out of business a few years back. Always wondered what became of their stock. Now use the 30 weight and rubbing alcohol like you. Seems fine. Since moving north I ordered P-Bond from PMC Supplies on Amazon. Ordered 75lbs which was a split shipment due to weight. Got the first 40lbs then nothing. Waited a couple months and contacted seller who said shipper had lost the second half and promptly sent me the missing 35lbs. Three months later the original missing second shipment arrived.
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