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    I have used J Winters in the past and they were accomodating of backyard casters so I thought I'd drop there blurb here for the guys on this side of the pond.

    I had some very nice oil bonded sand from them some years back

    "John Winter is an industry leading foundry and dental supplies company, founded in 1963. Their Model Engineering service is provided for the amateur foundry worker, wanting to try their hand at producing their own castings, be that through colleges, schools or the “backyard”. A full range of products available, some in small quantity packaging, which includes excellent oil bonded sands for detailed sand castings, tools, protective clothing, casting fluxes & metals enabling the production of your very own castings. They are able to offer a 2 day delivery service for products which are ex stock. Please email or telephone Carol (+44 (0) 1422 364213) to request a copy of their Model Engineering price list, if you require assistance or to discuss products"
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  2. I was given a bag of Winters greensand by an engineer to try. After drying and sieving it proved to be an excellent moulding sand. It seemed to "go off" after about a year of fairly easy use. I ordered a bag of greensand from Artisan Foundry Supplies. It feels exactly the same as Winters sand and casts just as well. Artisan also supplied several other items and I am very pleased with them. Lee
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    I just looked up Artisan, I had no idea they were Liverpool UK. Prices on A6 salamander crucibles looks OK.

    (I feel another furnace build coming on but don't tell the wife!)
  4. I will be getting some wax from them. Got to have ago at lost wax casting. I can buy silicone rubber from CFS here in Cornwall. They are mainly fibreglass suppliers, I have had a large amount of resin and mat from them when I built several A7 Ulster car bodies, full size not models!
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    I've dealt with CFS, I built a hot tub, nothing as exciting as an Ulster! For bulk chopped mat and resins they were very good
  6. Are you in Cornwall?
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    Unfortunately not, I'm in Suffolk, I had some good friends in Lanner for many years so I know Redruth and I've spent quite a bit of time down that way for one thing or another. I'd like to think I could retire to Polperro or Looe but can't see it happening.

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