'49 Caddy Tail Light & Signal Buckets

Discussion in 'Lost foam casting' started by Al2O3, Feb 18, 2019.

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    Glycol is funny stuff. A buddy piped a glycol system with 2” steel pipe and cast iron fittings. Had leaks everywhere, right thru the castings! I build membrane filtration systems. Did a deicing glycol job. RO rejects 99% of dissolved salt but just 93% of glycol, so we had to do it twice.
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    Very interesting.

    Kelly suggested we cast cylinders and see if they leak. I plan to cast a filter...
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    little late.. been busy, NOT casting metal..:rolleyes:
    Andy, that's the beauty of suspendaslurry. I just had my first major slurry fail due to age. The days of mixing slurry 24/7 is gone unless you are running large scale production. I've had success with slurry that's over 2years old. Not too shabby really. A pail of the stuff is 200bucks delivered and the silicas are available cheap in Dallas. Then again, others like to obtain their foundry supplies at homedepot!:p:p:p:p:p

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