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    I have been using Ransom & Randolph FS Suspendaslurry with excellent results. Well, here is how you get your hands on this stuff! https://www.ransom-randolph.com/slurries

    Call 800.253.4502 and ask for sales. To run ceramic shell, you will need
    one 5gallon (60lbs) pail of FS Suspendaslurry for non ferrous metals $152.05
    one 55lb bag of Ranco-sil part A (50X100 mesh) $56.25
    one 55lb bag of Ranco-sil part B (30x50 mesh) $53.25

    Now for the fun part. All these materials may be picked up free of charge in Maumee, OH or Commerce, CA.
    The 2 bags of silica can also be picked up free of charge in Carrollton, TX. Warehouse address' will be provided to you once you pay over the phone in Ohio. Suspendaslurry is ONLY available in the large drum at the Texas location and 5 gallon pails are still not available as of today. You will need to have the pail shipped to you. Figure about $50 to ship this pail inside the US. R&R is very easy to work with, but I suggest you call and pay a day or two before you plan on picking this stuff up at the warehouses. The warehouse in Texas is just a global shipping collection point for probably a 1000 companies. You will see everything from shoes to busted weedeaters! It's very easy to find, do not use the front door, go around the right side of the building to the RAMP and walk in and find somebody. The Commerce location was a little more tricky to locate, but the folks there were super nice, same thing, just walk into the warehouse and find someone working and they will find your stuff.

    Remet is another option in the US and if you want to get ripped off, call shellspen in Venice, florida. Hope this helps someone wanting to try their hand at ceramic shell. Keep in mind, they WILL NOT ship slurry if there is a chance of freezing. I believe that might be the reason the small pail is not stored in the warehouse in Texas, it didn't look to be heated whatsoever. Maybe the drum is harder to freeze? Who knows!
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    WHOA Jeff... Prices are a bit steep in canadur. That $152 pail is $233 for you! I guess trudeau has to pay for those social programs outta your pocket buddy. Sorry about that!

    Nevertheless, thanks for posting that link. R&R from what I hear has distributors pretty much all over the world.
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    Most of that will be the exchange rate: $150US = $200CA.
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    $33CDN for free health care, I can live with that. :D

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    My HC insurance is currently over $1400usd a month! :mad: To those running around with little to no insurance, I say, "Your Welcome!":rolleyes: Before hobocare kicked in, I was paying below $400.:mad:

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