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    Try telling them it leaked and your kids are playing in it. They might own up as to what they think is in it.
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    I have FINALLY received a bucket of SS. Not too bad I guess, just 5 days short of a MONTH! R&R sent out a pickup tag for the mystery bucket. Seems to me a handful of days went by before a replacement was sent and after not receiving a tracking number and no bucket, I called and one of the nice gals there gave it to me and she was obviously typing it when I did and we both had the same reaction when we saw it got destroyed by ups.:rolleyes: So a third bucket was dispatched overnight. Yeah, LAST THURSDAY, it showed up today on monday. When I flew cargo for UPS, we had a joke. You can't spell stupid without a UPS.

    I routinely mail 70lb aircraft generators worth 10k. The trick is a box inside a padded box. R&R did tell me, they believe UPS damaged #1 bucket and repacked it into a different bucket.:confused: I once had a container of LIVE crickets come apart inside the airplane. Their solution was a black plastic bag so I wouldn't be half surprised if they pulled something like this off. That airplane had live crickets in it for weeks! The little bastards were jumping all over the cockpit.

    I know R&R has seen this thread so thanks for working through this, but you guys need to realize you are dealing with pissed off employees that don't care about your merchandise. I've transported tons of buckets through the years on aircraft and I know what it takes to move them safely. The root of the problem is the crappy bucket handle. The solution is don't let them use that handle. Two plastic straps around the entire bucket lengthwise OVER the lid trapping the handle along the side and the guys have no choice but to pick it up correctly. MARK IT HEAVY even if it's under their 150lb limit. (post office is 70lbs) This is your cheapest solution. The absolute BEST way to mail this is with it strapped to a quarter pallet. It will arrive 95% of the time in perfect condition. When the guys see something strapped to a pallet, they stop and get a dolly or a helper. By marking stuff HEAVY, they think injury and are less likely to take chances. The added cost is well worth it and if shipping HAZMAT, it's the only way to go. I've flown some really nasty stuff and no one wants an acid bath.

    These guys have this stuff down to a science. This is a manager doing time in motion studies on loading. It's funny to watch them count steps a worker takes and figures out how to reduce them to improve efficiency. As a UPS customer, ya just gotta work with point of contact. They should have provided you with a dedicated person that works these solutions for you. If not, go up the ladder. R&R is a special client ($$$) and they should be bending over backwards to keep your business. If not, call Fedex.


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