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    LMAO.. Error in judgment? His error was he shouldn't have left the kitchen table that morning for breakfast!

    Got a classic case of error in judgement for ya. We had a metroliner pilot hauling UPS freight solo and got a door open light in flight. So the knucklehead decides to get out of the seat and play with the door handle. He actually opened it and as it swung down, ripped back and went into the left PROP!:eek::eek: Some how he didn't go with it and actually landed it like this. WTF was he thinking? There are 10switches on that door and any one of them could flip the stupid light on. Did the light on bother him that much? I guess it did!:rolleyes:
    I had a picture of the carnage, but can't seem to find it.
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    Well he's effectively paying my wages (at least the insurers are) so I ought to be careful what I say but you've seen the AAIB report Jason ;)

    My boss from years back had a string of in-flight incidents including loosing his luggage out the nose locker and having the main door fly open (that one would never catch properly so he a book shoved in it to wedge the handle shut!) He wondered why I decided to stop flying with him?
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    OMG that's hilarious. We have nose baggage compartments If they open, stuff will go through the props!:eek::eek::eek: They can be locked with a key and I NEVER leave them unlocked or open.
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    I think it all hit the stbd props and they had to be crack tested. If I remember rightly his pants came of worse! ;) Unlike the time when landing he buried the nose wheel into the air-strip and wrote off every single prop on both engines.

    He died a few years back of natural causes in case you are wondering...........
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