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Discussion in 'Sand Mullers' started by Guster, Jul 26, 2019.

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    You can't buy paint?:eek:
  2. Guster

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    Paint was not considered an essential product(or service of selling paint) during our level4 lockdown restrictions. Mainly to help avoid people overloading mail and logistic services by buying and having stuff delivered when they can't visit a shop. Especially in the first few weeks as the nation needed PPE, test kits and flu vaccines sent everywhere. Hardware stores were also only allowed to physically open their trade counters to trade workers like plumbers, electricians an builders. Most suppliers also chose to close voluntarily because even though they may have some essential products or services, they could not do business in a way that met the level 4 health and safety guidelines.

    So for the last 5 weeks I could only visit a grocery store or pharmacy in person, or buy online what was deemed in a list of essential products.

    Good thing I keep a bit of steel and stuff on hand to keep me busy. As of level 3 which started yesterday I can buy almost anything online if I'm willing to pay the shipping or if the supplier provides a contactless collect service. Right now I still can't get something like retaining timber. Will need to wait till level2 before stores may open normally. But so far it seems to have kept a lot of people from getting sick or dying. It wasn't a major inconvenience in that my life wasn't more materially impacted than if the whole family had contracted a virus. I just had to reprioritise my projects a little and complete them a bit differently. I doubt I would have got this far with the muller for instance. :D
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    Picked up this little 1hp electric motor that had a 3/4" shaft and face plate mount. Just needed to reverse the direction by swapping the start winding terminals and make an adapter plate to fit it to the gearbox. It came with a key that was the right size and I even had enough fasteners to make it work. The angry little cake mixer is finally running.

    Now just need a little good weather to test it.
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