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  1. Voltar1

    Voltar1 Copper

    Chuck are you actively casting these days?
  2. Voltar1

    Voltar1 Copper

    Hoping to pour second side and column front later this week when weather warms up. Currently -20C and too cold for propane at high rate. Should be above freezing by friday. For the bearing housing i plan to go lost foam for the ease of a hollow without a core. Plan on using ball bearings instead of bushings. Keep on keeping on boys
  3. chucketn

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    I have not cast in about a year. Last time I did anything was to melt a car wheel a friend gave me. Just built a fire in 1/3 of a drum and threw it in. Let it melt out the bottom. The puddle is still waiting for me to re-melt into muffins. I still have my greensand and some petrobond, and a few things I want to cast. Motivation and get up and go are missing lately. Have had a few health problems.
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  4. Voltar1

    Voltar1 Copper

    D8EF33BE-DE5C-434F-BB8A-724981F05106.jpeg Made the second shaper side
    Better finish paying more attention to ramming. I think my sand is on the dry side as many particles come free while brushing talcum powder around. No fallout though and decent finish
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  5. Voltar1

    Voltar1 Copper

    Tempered the sand as soon as it was cool enough to handle. Checked it today and it is in much better condition. Ready for molding!

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