the Petrobondforsale guy seems to be out of business

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by HT1, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. WCRS

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    I also got my Petrobond from this guy. So due to this unforeseen disruption I'm looking for the suppliers to get the ingredients to start making it myself.
    I have a 200lb batch muller and could also sell it ready to use. So if anyone has any contact info that can help please post it. Thanks
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  2. DavidF

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    Ok, I'm just a little bit jealous...

    Lancaster Foundry supply in Lancaster PA has it..

    Welcome to the forum!!
  3. HT1

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    OK The Sheesible sand is a total scam,
    after sending me cheap sunglasses rather then my sand, they promissed to send me the sand, gave me a new tracking number and a webpage to follow the tracking, that page was a bogus page if i took my tracking number to any one of the other tracking sites i got an error. I paid through Paypal, so I went to Paypal explained what was going on, Sheeshible sent, Paypal, the original tracking number, trying to make it look like I had already recieved the item, 5 minutes on the Phone with Paypal, and I got my money back, if I had allowed the automated system, go through i would have lost and Been FUBAR.
    so lessons learned,
    1) a deal too good to be true is not
    2) someone is always trying to scam you
    3) paypal works if you follow up

    BTW, this is the second time I have dealt with Paypal resolution center, and It has always been good to me, but do their paperwork, let the other guy responde, then get on the phone with Paypal

    V/r HT1
  4. Jason

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    The lengths that people will go to avoiding work is mind boggling.
    I'm glad PP came through for you. Last time I called them over something I got "Bob" in Bangalore trying to speak american slang to me:rolleyes:
  5. HT1

    HT1 Silver

    If you need petrobond, I ordered
    75Lbs off ebay from PMC, you can goe to their site, but it links you back to their ebay page, So dont waste your time, I got a full 75 Lbs , the sand seems fine, though I would recommend mulling it once before use, or using it as backing sand, it has sat too long and has lost green strength, mulling with a mist of Alcohol will bring it back to 100%

    'm happy and as money allows I will stock up.
    they also have 100 Lb lots and 50 Lbs lots, smaller lots exist, but the price per pound increases

    V/r Ht1
  6. Jammer

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    I've been PM'ing with HT1 and went through the same deal. Got my money back from PP and got the same knock-off sunglasses. I've never had any problems on line shopping, usually very careful but have had 2 problems on flea-bay and now this one. Can't trust anyone anymore. Even the ones on flea-bay say USA, shipped in US etc. but then bill comes in chinese. ???

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