Best PVA UV resin for slurry cast?

Discussion in 'Lost PLA casting' started by Ferrisbeu, Apr 19, 2021.

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    I tried the Craftsman resin from Anycubic for block casing in Kerr investment and it left a ton of ash inside the flask so cast was ruined. Even though it is supposed to be for burnout. Anyone have experience with it? I am picking up some Suspendaslurry this week to play with and want to some fairly detailed statues in brass and bronze. Any experience/suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. That's resin is not made for this application. You need a resin that's specifically made for burnout. There is only a few makers of it and it's going to run atleast 55 dollars for a half liter, its pricey! Its commonly sold for jewelry or dental applications. With the correct resin you wont have this issue. You could also make a silicone mold of a print done with the craftsman resin, than cast wax repros in that which would be more cost effective when making multiples.
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