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Discussion in 'Other metal working projects' started by Jason, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. I knew of a guy who made good money "repointing" diamond dressers: He'd heat the brazing around the broken diamond and just spin the diamond around in the socket to expose a fresh point, one of six points for a diamond crystal.
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    THe diamond in inclined so it is self-sharpening. You rotate it "every once in a while" about 45 to 90 degrees. So the diamond keeps wearing to a point. It is important.

    I would strongly suggest you do some reading on Practical Machinist in the abrasive machining forum. There is a fair bit to know about wheel choice, dressing of wheeels for various purposes, wheel safety etc. There is a ton of information in old threads there. The information is not easily found using the site's search engine. Use Google or equivalent search engine for best results. It seems inefficient and frankly dangerous to operate a surface grinder without having done your "ground school."

  3. Jason

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    Thanks... I'll make a pass through there. My neighbor needs some knife blanks ground after he does the heat treating. I think he's planing on giving me plenty of practice.:cool:
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    Knife blade grinding has its own set of challenges not the least of which is the considerable care that must be taken to not ruin the hardness if the blade—-not heating the feather edge is very tricky. Secondly, flattening thin stock leads to warpage much /most of the time. I’ll not write a treatise here when it’s already been done ten times over and better on PM, in books, on YouTube etc.

    Cautions: stones shatter with sometimes maiming results, parts catch and spit out FORCEFULLY from inadequately fixed work (there is a lot more to it than slapping down a piece of steel and flipping the mag on) fingers get caught and ground off—-you can forget stitches, parts not twice as wide as they are tall tip and wedge causing all manner of mayhem. Those are some of the highlights. That said, I love surface grinding. It can be incredibly precise and visually beautiful. It can machine materials otherwise not amenable to machining. But, don’t underestimate the potential for harm.

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    I assume knife blanks will be parallel surfaces? Or are you planning to put a cutting edge on them?
  6. Jason

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    I think that he is doing the cutting edge after surface grinding.
  7. Jason

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    Evil Grin!

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    Make it 30 minutes and sell it as a meditation video. Someone will buy it.
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    lol.. Its that 8bit music. Dreamscape is what it was called I think.;)

    But the surface grinder is working pretty good. Just makes an awful mess.:(

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