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    here is the latest example of the part I want to have made. In my original project, I made molds off an original 50+ year old part. I realized that part had too many flaws in it to make good molds off, which meant the plastic parts I was cutting up weren't of high enough quality either. I didn't want to cut up an original part even though it wasn't rare or worth much money.

    I bought a repop part that has a few flaws in it but since it's a repop I got out my dremel moto tool and cut it up. I made a few mistakes but some JB Weld allowed me to correct those flaws. Here is what I want made. I'd like to get a batch of 10 parts made. If my friends are right, I will be ordering more parts.

    It seems the white bronze is the material to use. (I don't think my pewter casting will work well enough)

    Let me know what you guys think of this part (negative comments are okay too). I'd appreciate a price estimate to make the mold and the initial 10 parts.

    Thanks Bill

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