Casting a minature coffee pot

Discussion in 'Die casting' started by Gerald Dinkins, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. Rob Hall

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    Always good to read the "How I got here/there" stories.

    Thank you sir!
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  2. @mytwhyt ; I have given the wax idea a lot of thought.
    My concerns are that the spout and handle will release without breaking off.
    I could heat the molds to a temp that allows the wax to flow.
    I may try it, but I need a relaease for the wax.
    Anyone got an idea?
  3. mytwhyt

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    For my rubber molds I use a silicone spray, works on any type rubber.. At least all the ones I've tried it on.. Got mine at HD, don't get the one with any petroleum additives.. Don't see why it wouldn't be a good choice for wax in that mold.. Maybe warm it a little to fill, room temp mold should be cool enough to set the wax..
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