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Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by tk421, Jan 17, 2023.

  1. rocco

    rocco Silver

    That guy's hobby (and maybe job too) is making guitars.
    This one's for you Kelly, a styrofoam guitar.
  2. Tops

    Tops Silver

    Not recently but I can when I am done (burp) with this one... :)

    PS average weight per can 12.7g / 0.4479 oz / 0.028 lb.

    PPS 38# would have been 1,358 cans, he yielded 18.6#
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  3. Al2O3

    Al2O3 Administrator Staff Member

    Foam was my least favorite sounding of the three guitars.......:(

    $50 worth of can deposits for a 12 lbs yield is $4/lb for poor quality casting stock. I paid half that per pound delivered for A356 on the last buy. It was 750lb and I'm still working on that load. Think I'll stick with ingot :)

  4. tk421

    tk421 Lead

    As a bass player and Les Paul fan, I'll keep my criticism to myself, but 56.583 24 packs,113.166 12 packs or 226.333 6 packs (Choose your own adventure)'s just a drop in the bucket.

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