Cleanup and Finish for Marine Bronze Pieces

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    Hello Everyone-
    I am looking to refurbish old and made duplicates on the pintle/gudgeon setup below, picture is from

    Pieces seem to be bronze, most have a natural seafoam green patina with some good fashioned iron rust from hardware for good measure.

    Two questions:
    -best method to prep old pieces to use as patterns?
    -how to finish old and new pieces to be either a shiny or mat bronze?

    I have a whole set to start with on one boat, second boat needs a whole set. One of my pieces below:


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  2. HT1

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    1) fill any holes you do not intend to cast into the part wax is about the easiest answer
    several coats of primer to make up for shrinkage, with an 8 inch long part you will loose about 1/8 of an inch in length, if this is critical yah gotta make up for it somewhere, Primer wont get you there, so wax again is your friend , on that part I thing shrinkage can be ignored especially if you are making the entire assembly, all the parts will be equally smaller

    2) you want mat, or shiny? you will get a mat finish as cast with a touch of wire brushing , shiney you will have to get busy with a buffer

    V/r HT1
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  3. Tops

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    Thanks HT1!
    The lengths are not as critical the way the thing pins/bolts/springs together, the 4 holes in the single part pic would be most critical but could be transfer punched and drilled to match a real part and a real boat. Maybe the one vertical middle piece that catches the two horizontal holes would work better if it were a little longer on the bottom and filed to fit.

    I'd be thrilled with mat at this point.

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