Crucible for iron?

Discussion in 'General foundry chat' started by Zapins, Nov 12, 2021.

  1. Zapins

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    Which crucible do you iron melters use? Any good links to buy from? I'm looking for probably an A16 size or equivalent.

    I want to try casting ceramic shell with iron. I'd like to recast my fire pit iron grating.
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  2. Melterskelter

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    I think the concensus is Morgan Super Salamanders. I just look at various suppliers on the net and buy whichever happens to be listed cheapest for a given size at the time.

    Not to throw cold water, but if you want a lasting grate, weld it up from 3/8” stainless. I did that for my barbecue after buying two Weber iron sets. The SS ones look like they would last a century as they show zero deterioration in a year’s time. The iron ones lasted maybe 3 or 4 years until they burned through.

    But there may be any number of reasons to do iron. Pouring them should not be too difficult as long as your iron is hot, it will flow well. The poured design could be far more interesting than straight bars. It will be interesting to follow this project.

  3. Zapins

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  4. rocco

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    This chart is from Morgan, the manufacturer of the Super Salamander crucibles and shows the working temperature range of the various crucibles they make.

    crucible comparison.jpg
  5. Al2O3

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    You may be thinking of their Starbide line. It's SiC and they are non-ferrous because the SiC is soluble in Fe, but they make for a more conductive high performing crucible in non-ferrous service. That link is from one of their distributors (Jet) and that content at the link is incorrect. Morgan's data sheet for Salamander Supers indicates they are ferrous rated and IMHO, a great all-around crucible and I use them exclusively...........but no crucible is happy for long in iron duty service!

  6. Zapins

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    Good to know.

    So it seems that the crucible in the link above is fine for iron? I wonder why they messed up the description. Its a clay graphite one too not silicon carbide.
  7. metallab

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    I have a clay graphite crucible for cast iron. Works well, although a 'real' Salamander will work better compared to an Amazon cheapie.
    Check here @Ironsides video:

  8. Zapins

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    I usually get the crucibles off ebay. I think they are legit crucibles from the manufacturer not knock offs? They've always held up well with bronze.

    If the one I linked above is the right one, which it seems to be, then I'll buy one soon when I can afford 130 bucks. Seems the price went up. I used to buy them for around 80 shipped.
  9. Ironsides

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    Graphite is also soluble in iron so my crucibles should be eaten away after a few melts right? but that does not happen because commercial cast irons have a high C.E. and will take a long time to dissolve graphite. It would be a different story using a very low carbon C.E. cast iron or steel.

    I used to use vesuvius crucibles for iron but I cannot get them in Australia anymore and they are better than a morgan salamander. Don't get those cheapshit crucibles from online like bigstackd uses, they are appalling quality. I now use morgan salamander as it is the only crucible I can get suited for iron.
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