Difficulty melting copper

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    For salt water, zinc based anodes are recommended, for fresh water only, magnesium is recommended, for boats that operate in both or in brackish water, aluminum based anodes are recommended.
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    Casting is cleaning up nicely. Normally I would have handed it over to the customer as a "rough casting" and let them do all of the finish work however there was some porosity and I wanted to see how deep it went and if the casting was usable or not.

    I'm happy to say that I was able to remove the porosity from the surface finish, there are still some small imperfections however they will come out with a bit more sanding.


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    For anyone who is curious here are some pics from the net of how this will look on the engine once it is machined and fully finished:

    phpThumb_generated_thumbnail (1).jpg

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    Nice looking pieces, and a great looking loco.

    I would like to get a loco, but I am afraid the wife would say "if you bring one more piece of (fill in your own word) into this yard, you will be out on the street".
    There is a delicate balance between marriage and fun.
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    If you build it slowly piece-by-piece maybe she wont notice!
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