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    I got a call from an old friend that wanted to smelt some concentrate . So powdered ore, borax and sodium bisulfate (Clorox Ph down). Ran two heats all out about 75 minutes each. After the first heat the furnace had cracks opening up that would need repaired after the second heat the insulating fire brick was mostly gone . A molten mess. The Kast-O-lite 30 LI lid and tuyeres showed zero damage same for the Blu-ram plinth. Very surprising. The kaowool backing the IFB showed no damage other than it’s normal brittleness after being heated.

    mote the IFB where coated with and patched previously with satanite and mizzou and Kast-O-lite (whatever I had opened at the time )

    Additionally the furnace floor is mizzou it doesn’t ap pear to be damaged by the flux. But it’s an ugly mess covered with molten IFB slag that will have to be chipped out

    in summary IFB. Will not hold up
    To flux (at least not these two). While Mizzou, Kast-O-lite Blu-ram and kaowool all seem to hold up quite well.

    with this we will get to see a direct melt comparison. My intentions are to clean the furnace out. Perhaps put in another layer of kaowool. And pour a kast-O-lite furnace interior

    there you guys go something to put in your sea bag. im off to the bank to get a loan to build a new furnace… (my buddy dropped the cash for refractory ,propane, lunch and beer)

    V/r HT1
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    Wow, that is quite a meltdown, mud slide meets forest fire. Do you remember what temp the IFB's are, er um, were...?
    Which refractory are you thinking for the rebuild?
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